Research Studies

Just about everyone connected with the BodyTalk System, developed by Dr. John Veltheim in the mid-nineties, has a set of remarkable stories of how this condition or that illness or injury cleared amazingly quickly following one or just a few BodyTalk sessions. To those who have experienced it, there is no question as to its effectiveness. And yet, BodyTalk and the whole concept of energy medicine are still new and strange to most people. Quantum physics and dynamic systems theory have laid the groundwork for scientifically understanding the impact of focused intent upon cellular biophysics. So the science of why BodyTalk works is becoming better understood every day. But the current medical model is not based on quantum physics. And in mainstream medicine, there is no substitute for clinical trials designed and conducted under specific conditions to document whether or not any new drug or therapy or technique is effective or not.

The IBF, in its mission to gain widespread acceptance for the BodyTalk System, wants to fund clinical trials and research studies that will document BodyTalk's effectiveness.

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