About The BreakThrough System

Fueling all conflicts is the unconscious imperative towards self-healing. This means that, at the heart of something we spend our entire lives trying to avoid, there lies the very thing we need to experience. BreakThrough is a gentle and insightful process that puts you in touch with the healing nature of conflict. This is very different to conflict resolution. Instead, you will journey way below the surface of individual conflicts to a place where deep healing can begin. Self-forgiveness is key and all the BreakThrough techniques are strongly oriented around this principle.

The premise of BreakThrough is that our birthright is to live authentically and naturally. But deep-seated, unconscious convictions about who we are distort our experience of life. These disruptive beliefs do not need to be eradicated because they have no truth to them. They simply need to have light shed on them so that they lose their power over us. The BreakThrough techniques are specifically designed to catalyze and facilitate this process.

All that is required is a quantum shift in perspective

BreakThrough 1 is a gentle, practical process that puts you in touch with the unconscious convictions that dictate your life. This interactive class provides you with principles to use in everyday, challenging situations. Your perspective on conflict will be transformed as you discover its healing nature and purpose.

BreakThrough 2 explores how the inner masculine and feminine archetypes play out in our lives. The process of deep self-enquiry is catalyzed and facilitated.

BreakThrough Practical hones your ability to lead someone through the 7 Steps process of BreakThrough 1.

BreakThrough Steps Intensive is an immersion in the principles underpinning the 7 Steps. You are also taught refinements in the art of questioning and deductive reasoning.

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