Perspectives 2

 Perspectives 2

Perspectives 2 now in stock and shipping!

This new DVD was developed from a series of interviews filmed at the 2007 Members Conference. We interviewed many of our MDs and other healthcare professionals as well as Dr. James Oschman, our keynote speaker. From those interviews, we have created Perspectives 2, which consists of a 12-minute produced video about how they view and use the BodyTalk System; plus an additional 40 minutes of these same professionals answering questions like 'What is your impression of the BodyTalk system?', 'How do you integrate BodyTalk into your practice?' and 'Do you have any advice for other healthcare professionals who might be considering BodyTalk?'

We believe this DVD is an excellent companion to the first Perspectives DVD. It has multiple looping options for playing in your clinic; and will be a great give-away or loan to clients who want to know how valuable BodyTalk has become to many scientists and healthcare professionals around the world.

We expect to have this DVD in stock by March 4th. Our special intro price, for the first month only, will be $8 (reduced from $10); and in batches of 5 of five or more - $5.50 each (reduced from $7.50). You can order them immediately and we will ship them as soon as they arrive.

Author: IBA

Publisher: IBA

Price: $15.00

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