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Submitted 24-Jul-10 by

Linda Thursby, Practitioner, Norwich

Keywords: mindscape, breathing cycle, labour, distant bodytalk

A client of mine was over due by two days and came along to have a BodyTalk treatment to help ease the pain she was experiencing. She was so relaxed after the session. The next day, she had a show, was admitted into hospital. I did not know this. The first I knew was three days later, in an act of desperation, her partner text me for help... even saying to come to the ward. I did a distant BodyTalk session and the first thing that came up was Breathing Cycle. At this point she was 5cm dilated, she had also just been told that if nothing happened within an hour, she would have to have a C section (she is also needle phobic). Whilst doing the distant session, I was amazed at what I was able to feel, nearly felt like being in labour myself... love Mindscape for being able to do this kind of work. I text the partner as to what I found as well as the Breathing cycle. Within 90 minutes, a beautiful little girl called Isobella was born. My client suddenly relaxed and was able to push each contraction with so much more ease. Considering she had been in labour for 3 days, all the professionals were amazed as how controlled everything become and also the renewed energy in the whole process.

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