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Animals LOVE BodyTalk!

Submitted 15-Apr-11 by

Amy Freund, Client, Miami Florida

Keywords: animal talk bodytalk for animals

I was given permission to post this note to me which is so exciting because we get to get in touch with the SIMPLICITY of the pure energy of our animal companions and how they just LOVE BodyTalk and soak up the healing! I had just done some AnimalTalk sessions with this client and this is what she sent me: "I just want to share something with you. My brother's family went away last weekend and had to leave their dog (15 y.o.) at home alone. My nephew was sleeping at a friend's house but would come home to walk the dog and keep her company. As he is a teenager, he doesn't wake up until late, so I offered to take her out in the mornings. Scruffy is very attached to my sister-in-law. When they are away, Scruffy usually stays under her bed and will not come out for anyone. On Sat morning, I went over and found Scruffy under the bed. I got a few of her treats, put them in a plate, and tried to get her to come out. While doing that, I looked right at her, and did the cortices and switching on myself as her surrogate. Scruffy came out, ate, went outside to do her business and came back in. My sister-in-law was so happy at the good humor that Scruffy was in when she came home!"... L.S.

Can't beat that! hugs, amy

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