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Hernia Operation

Submitted 25-Apr-11 by

Glynnis Steyn, Practitioner, 9

Keywords: 680

Good Morning Glynnis I've been meaning to write for some time - but I think I told you that I was going to be away for a couple of months after the operation I wanted to thank you, sincerely, for the extraordinary experience of your treatment - and for your equally amazing after-care attitude and kindness The phone calls/sms messages and emails were so welcome and I truly felt that you genuinely cared about my recovery Please forgive my initial scepticism - I hadn't had any experience with Body Talk before I met you - so, perhaps understandably, I was doubtful that the treatment could be as effective as I'd heard Boy, was I wrong! The relief was INSTANT and lasting - even the doctor who did the op was astounded that the hugely distended hernia had subsided so completely He said that he'd never seen this before (An amazing surgeon - the sort of guy who could be in a successful private practice at The Sandton Clinic - right here in Port Shepstone)! My recovery was also much quicker than when I'd had the previous hernia op - as you said it would be Glynnis, you are amazing - a TRUE healer - I can see your compassion and your determination to eliminate pain You are a rare and wonderful person Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedicated care and treatment Doug Maritz 082-444-3928 039-695-1244

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