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Submitted 02-May-12 by

Shenaaz Khan, Practitioner, stanger

Keywords: stroke

My client, 74 years old, came to me for a BodyTalk session. He had three strokes in a period of five months and it left him paralysed on his left side, he could not move his arm or leg. He passed stool and urine in his pants, his wife had to bath him a few times in a day and had to put him in adult nappies. He would take baby steps when he walked and his daughter and I had to pick him up to put him onto the treatment bed. He also mentioned that he was going for injections every month to prevent further strokes. I did BodyTalk Access and a session and the next day he needed another session, and so I did the BodyTalk Access again and a session and his next session was 6 weeks later, but in the mean time, I had asked him to come 3 times a week for BodyTalk Access until his next session.

On the 6th week of BodyTalk Access he walked into my clinic, got onto the bed by himself and moved his arm and leg to show me that he was no longer paralysed on that side but that he does have some pain. His wife was pleased to say that he no longer wore the nappies, he was going to the toilet by himself and he also started driving again.

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