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MindScape for distance sessions

Submitted 14-May-09 by

Robyn Whatley-Kahn, Instructor, Grand Cayman

Keywords: distance, mindscape, subconcious mind

A HUGE win for me personally was that even though I have been in the alternative health field for ongoing 30 years myself, I didn't know how to control my "HOTFLASHES!!!" While at a 'study" group of students practicing the BodyTalk Module 1 & 2 techniques they had learned in a 4 day class, one student was working on me when I burst into millions of little sweat beads during one of my hot flashes.... She thought she had broken something on me.(quite funny to see her face). She called over the instructor and the instructor proceeded to do a real session on me... 4 links and I went from 10-15 hot flashes a day to 0......that's right. To 0. I was near a pharmacy 3 days later with a friend and I went back and asked the pharmacist if he had ever heard of anything stopping that many hot flashes... He said, "no, sounds like a miracle to me!". They never returned. Even a bigger testimonial for the BodyTalk System and me, is that one morning while getting ready for work, I suddenly had my heart take off beating extremely fast. I felt so faint that I ran to lay down, turning blood red and getting amazingly hot. Husband knew something was really wrong, as I am strong as a horse in the health department. After rushing me to the doctor who gave me a multitude of tests including MRI, EEG and EKG test and a stress test of jogging on a treadmill so fast that if my heart was bad I don't think I could have made it (smiling)...Anyway the results were...everything fine BUT...Ms. Whatley you have hypothyroidism...Saying this, he is writing out a "lifelong" prescription to a drug that he was putting me on...... Now, if I didn't know about the miraculous health challenge turn-a-rounds I've heard my associates experience and witnessing my own clients successes I might have taken the drug from my "doctor". HOWEVER, I do know BodyTalk Practitioners that have the natural tools to help the body heal what is weakened. Asking the doctor to give me 2 months and I would return and take the tests again and getting his agreement, I left. I had a BodyTalk session in Grand Cayman Island and went back to the doctor. ALL my tests proved to be perfect! So NO DRUGS for me....So wonderful to know that through the BodyTalk System there are tools to be able to listen to the body and then facilitate a laser linking for regaining vibrant natural health.

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