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Submitted 28-Oct-16 by

Katherine Stinson, Practitioner, Williamsburg, VA

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I live in Perth, Western Australia, having moved in 2010 from living in Williamsburg, VA since 2001. This past July (2016), I and my husband traveled back to Williamsburg to organise the selling of our house as well as furnishings. We had a three-day estate sale with 300 people coming through the house. Among those 300 people was a young man in his early 20s who had been a client of mine as a 9-year-old with chronic asthma. After one session, the boy never had another asthma attack. I remember his session: Links were to the lungs with further details around the way a sibling treated him. As I'm tapping I asked Michael what he was thinking about, and he whispered: "my asthma". When we finished I asked him if he had any questions for me, and Michael quickly said "Yes! - I want to know how you tapping me on my head and tapping on my heart is going to change the way my brother treats me." He's sitting on my table so I'm looking slightly up at him, and I answered: "Michael, it won't change the way your brother treats you. It WILL change the way your body reacts to the way your brother treats you." And that was that. I was kept updated on Michael for a few years and knew he no longer had asthma attacks. It was very special to see him as a grown young man and to learn he's very healthy..... and has never again experienced asthma. Wonderful and humbling to observe the body's ability to heal. Cheers ~

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