Specific BodyTalk Questions

I did my Fundamentals last year but I am still having trouble getting clear yes and no responses on people that aren't BodyTalk practitioners . Do you have any ideas that would help.

Have you had one of the BodyTalk instructors in your area to counsel with you? That might be best so they can tune into what it is that you may be doing that is getting in the way. These are some typical things to be aware of: If you don't have a problem working with fellow BodyTalkers but you do with others : Be clear with the person and yourself that you are just practicing. Don't charge for the session until you are a CBP and you feel confident with your abilities. This practice is about your learning how to do it and getting comfortable with it, not about "healing" a particular issue they have. If they benefit from the practice session, that is great, if they don't notice anything, it was just practice. When you charge or if you are not clear that it is just practice, there will be too much expectation of some kind of result. Get centered, breathe, bring your awareness out of your head and down into your body (often your pelvis is good for grounding). When you are too much in your head it is hard to get clear answers. When we are in doubt, we are in the left brain. Our right brain intuitive process is what perceives the answers. If you are in doubt you can't be clearly in your right brain. Relax, be in a place of "wonder". Ask yourself, "HMMM, I wonder what will come up for this person?" Get rid of your expectations of what you think should come up for this person. In other words get rid of your agenda. You may be putting too much emphasis on what they think, having to perform and having them "feel something worthwhile." Get some sessions done on yourself about possibly letting go of the beliefs around that which could include topics like: 1) I'm not good enough, 2) No one believes in me, 3) People don't take me seriously, 4) I have to be perfect, etc. Make sure you are adequately hydrated, tap our your own cortices and switching before the session. If needed leave the room briefly to tap out your cortices when you start to get unclear answers. Breathe. Remember what it is like to do a session on those people for whom you can get good answers. Remember how smoothly it can go, Give them an explanation of BodyTalk before hand so they will know what to expect and may not be so inclined to ask a lot of questions during the session, or looking confused with what is happening. Help them feel at ease and comfortable with it. Keep your explanations of what you are doing during the session short and concise. It may be your discomfort with how you explain it that is throwing you off. If so, go onto the forum and ask questions about this and or talk to your local instructor for ideas. Usually, best not to try to do sessions on family members especially those who might be judgmental or negative or have high expectations. Often we try to prove ourselves to our families. We want them to believe in this great new modality that we are now interested in even though they may not tend to believe in things that are outside of traditional health care. DO NOT do a session on someone who is not open and interested in BodyTalk and definitely don't do a session with someone who would tend to want to disprove it. You are only setting yourself up for failure and wasting your time. It is not your job to sway them or convince them. Over time let your successes with those who are open and interested speak for themselves. There may be people in your life that never believe in it because they are more geared toward left brained concepts. And that is OK. It is their life and their choice to believe as they chose. The more you try to convince someone of something they don't believe in, the more resistant they will tend to be. Go with the flow, not against it. I hope this has been helpful, Melanie Buzek

I have been practicing Access for more than a year. On the whole my health has been good and many of my aches and pains have gradually vanished. What I wish to know is that is whether the Body Talk Access Technique will act on all organs of the body or is something more required for healing of specific conditions.

BodyTalk Access is just a few of the techniques that have been taken from the BodyTalk system. The BodyTalk system is individualized to each person and much more comprehensive whereas Access is again just a few techniques anyone can do on themselves or someone else to help in an overall general sense. One person has likened Access to brushing your teeth. You brush your teeth everyday and it helps to keep your mouth clean and your teeth generally in good shape, you do Access daily to help in that overall general sense. Brushing your teeth is not always enough so you go to a dentist for deeper more specific kind of work. Access is not always enough so you go to someone who does BodyTalk for deeper more individualized work. You can go onto the website to see if there is a BodyTalk Practitioner in your area.

Trying to register for module 9 and it says I must take 3 first. However 3 isn't offered here till September and then 9 not till next year. Any chance you would have 3 online soon? Or allow me special dispensation if I read the 3 manual first?

I understand your situation and your desire to learn the new course work, however; understanding the Principles of Consciousness material is imperative to understanding and getting the most out of the Matrix Dynamics class. We do not support students pre-reading and trying to integrate the material of a class they have not taken yet. It leaves too much room for misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the material and less than optimal results. Most of the BodyTalk material is quite complex and in this case one concept builds on another. Experience has shown in the past that it does not work to allow this kind of dispensation. It is not fair to the student in the long run. It is necessary for our students to get the clearest understanding about the course material as possible in order to help support our practitioners being the best they can be and use the material in the most effective and appropriate manner. Also, If we do it for one then there is the perception that we should do it for any one. This creates more of a problem than it solves. Thanks for understanding,

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