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Depression Relieved

Submitted 17-Aug-12 by

Alexandra Hopkins, Practitioner, United States

Keywords: cancer, anxiety, depression, abnormal pap smear, cervical cancer

I gave four BodyTalk sessions to a 29-year-old woman who occasionally suffered from depression. A few months before coming to me she had developed some physical complaints including an abnormal pap smear (indicating the possibility of cervical cancer). She was anxious and depressed about the abnormal test results.

She was due to get a second, more detailed test for cervical cancer. Here is what she told me over the phone after some of the four BodyTalk sessions that I gave her:

After the first session: "I'm doing better emotionally. I'm coming out of the muck, working through stuff. I feel different. Four hours after your session, I had a huge anxiety attack -- didn't get on my air flight. But got on the next one. Arrived in Germany only four hours later than planned. Great trip. No suicidal thoughts. Was excited about things again. I'm almost back to normal, just enjoying life. Exercised today for the first time in 3 weeks."

After another session: "That really helped me a lot. I've had a block in seeing the future. When you talked about the energy of the future, I immediately had the thought that I want to set up a website that I've been planning. I got excited about it and haven't been excited about the future for a while. Thank you very much. I really appreciate the session."

After the final session: "I felt really good after the session and feel pretty positive about how it will go at the doctor's."

She called me a couple of weeks later, within hours of receiving her second, more detailed test for cervical cancer. The test was negative -- no indication of cervical cancer. She was elated.

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