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Search & Rescue Canine

I received this lovely email from the handler of one of the CARDA Search & Rescue canines, a group I...

AnimalTalk Member California

BodyTalk for Animals

"A barn cat named Tux lives outside on the grounds where I board my horse. He's been suffering from...

AnimalTalk Member Petaluma, California

Healing is Real

"My experience with BodyTalk sessions for me and my horse, Harley, have been extraordinary and truly...

AnimalTalk Member Colorado

Body Vivaxis?. Noooooo!

Body Vivaxis?? Come on, I can accept a lot of the mind-bending stuff BT has exposed me to, but act...

AnimalTalk Practitioner South Africa

When Nothing Else Worked, She Got Her Kitty Back!

An adolescent kitten was adopted from a shelter. The vets thought he had reoccurring ear mites, tha...

AnimalTalk Instructor Regina

BodyTalk for Animals

"Charley started Reiki and BodyTalk on my Yorkie, Whiskey, during a time when he was having trouble ...

AnimalTalk Member San Ramon, CA

Hot Pepper

I was out visiting family in Denver and a friend of my sister's, has a elderly dog Pepper who was in...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Denver, Co

Puppy and BodyTalk for Animals

26 July 2012 I was introduced to Body Talk for Animals by a client; she went on the courses and was ...

AnimalTalk Client South Africa

Slate the Rabbit

The Story of Slate, the Rabbit- BodyTalk for Animals Testimonial On October 4th, of 2011 I got a ...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Ontario, Canada

Animals LOVE BodyTalk!

I was given permission to post this note to me which is so exciting because we get to get in touch w...

AnimalTalk Client Miami Florida

Horse accident

A client's horse had been involved in a trailer accident. The trailer slightly went off the road, a...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Phoenix, AZ

Horses and BodyTalk

I had worked on a ranch one day a week for fun and exercise. There was a horse that had tendon surg...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Phoenix, AZ

AnimalTalk helps dog struck by car recover from severe injuries

This testimonial comes to me from a client, Janet, who has given this with permission to use it on w...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Queensland, Australia

Pancreatic Healing for dog

My dog, a 5 year Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was diagnosed with progressive pancreatic failure, sh...

AnimalTalk Client Canada/Mexico

Understand the world with AnimalTalk

AnimalTalk changed the way I view animals, the world, families, and the natural world. I highly rec...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Santa Monica, CA, USA

horses and AnimalTalk

The immediacy and degree of changes witnessed in my Animal Talk Access course with horses has made m...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Barrie, ON, Canada

Dog calmed with Cortices

My doggie had a bone stuck on his lower mandible and lodged behind his teeth...he calmed immediately...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Kelowna, BC, Canada

AnimalTalk helps dog with injury

I just took this class a couple of weeks ago. So far, I worked on one dog with a knee injury. The in...

AnimalTalk Practitioner Vancouver, BC, Canada
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