Education and Empowerment

Family and Community Wellness

BodyTalk Access teaches the family, community and individual easy tools that will significantly impact the overall health and well-being of whomever uses the techniques regularly. Daily use of the BodyTalk Access routine will address many of the daily health issues, headaches, and bumps and bruises of family life.

School Districts and Education Programs

Anyone who attends school, teaches, or works with anyone in a learning environment will find that the BodyTalk Access techniques help improve their mental focus and memory, which ultimately will lead to improved grades and a deeper understanding of the material. Initial studies have also shown lower absenteeism from sick days, improved behavior and an improved feeling of calm and happiness from students and teachers alike. Children naturally LOVE BodyTalk Access and can be taught these techniques themselves, or can be assisted by an adult.

Corporate Wellness

Many Corporations seek to support the work/life balance of their employees, and this is vitally important in these times of rising healthcare costs. The BodyTalk Access program is taught in 6 hours, but can be adapted to suit the needs and time constraints of the individual office or work environment. Once the program is learned, BodyTalk Access can be used to help employees recover from stress, improve their productivity, focus and quality of work, improve safety performance, decrease absenteeism, as well as presenteeism, decrease employee turnover and generally increase employee happiness and wellbeing. The long term benefits of BodyTalk Access in the corporate environment will be decreased healthcare costs both for the employee and the corporation through promoting health and preventing illness.

Non-Profit Outreach

BodyTalk Access is a great program to offer to any non-profit organization, especially the organizations that work with the under-privileged communities. The Access wellness program can give the caregivers of the organization tools to assist in balancing their client's brains and bodies, so that they can function better in their life. Access can also help the many stressed-out and over-worked caregivers directly, so that they can better serve their organization.

Emergency Response and Flight Attendants

BodyTalk Access training is perfect for any first responder, emergency worker, and even flight attendants, as they deal with people experiencing shock and trauma. Having the basic BodyTalk Access skill set will assist in helping individuals recover from shock, so that they can recuperate more quickly. Flight attendants can quickly and easily assist their passengers if there is ever a need. Many in-flight health issues can easily be resolved with the simple, non-invasive BodyTalk Access Fast Aid routine.

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