BreakThrough Courses

BreakThrough 1

The focus of BreakThrough 1 is the "inside job", that is, learning to understand the nature of our defenses and the control they have over us. BreakThrough 1 "breaks through" the defensive, unconscious and over-reactive patterns that distort our view of life and provides a step-by-step process that reveals the nature of our conflict in a conscious way.

The Seven Steps of BreakThrough set us on the inner journey toward reclaiming what is most natural to each and every one of us - the experience of wholeness. Consciously, we begin to integrate a more holistic view of self-awareness and begin to perceive and experience life differently.

BreakThrough Practical

This is a 6-hour course designed specifically to help you start honing the art of taking someone through the 7 Steps of BreakThrough. During this course the Steps are broken down and each Step and its protocol is reviewed and explained in depth. The primary focus of this course is how to use the protocol effectively, so as to simplify the process of leading someone through the steps.

BreakThrough 2

The focus of BreakThrough 2 is the "outside job", that is, learning how to interact honestly and defenselessly toward others. By means of story telling, list making and a Steps process that is very different from BreakThrough 1, we re-evaluate our understanding of responsibility from the ground up. This includes an in-depth look at our misunderstanding of male-female roles and the inner masculine and feminine principles.

Our primary focus in this three-day workshop is the nature of defenses and how they differ from healthy ego boundaries. A unique technique is taught that sheds light on the nature of projections and the behaviors that perpetuate them.

Step by Step, BreakThrough 2 provides us with insights that prepare the way for healthy ego boundaries to come about. Together, in this very interactive workshop, we pave the way to a healthier, more grounded relationship with self.

BreakThrough Interactive

In this four-day, interactive workshop, we take a quantum leap in our journey of self-discovery, exploring the dynamics of the psyche and its splintering and healing process. BreakThrough 1 and 2 are prerequisites to BreakThrough Interactive. Together these three aspects of BreakThrough bring a deeper understanding of the healing nature of self-honesty.

BreakThrough Steps Intensive

For anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the BreakThrough process, and be a really strong Steps leader, this class is a must. In the BreakThrough Steps Intensive, the Protocol taught in BreakThrough 1 is expanded upon. Each Step is worked individually and intensively so each aspect of the Protocol becomes second-nature.

The Steps Protocol taught in the Intensive supports you as a Steps leader by keeping the person being led firmly and sensitively on track. You will also be taught extra techniques, not taught in BreakThrough 1. These techniques make Step 4 really clear, strong and much easier to lead. In addition you will be learning a Sub-Protocol which is designed to really stimulate your intuitive processes in a way that really helps you to trust in them.

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