MindScape in Detail


MindScape was developed by Dr. John Veltheim in the early 90's as a system that can be easily learned by anyone, drawing on his extensive experience of different systems of mind dynamics. The basic technique was taught as part of the Life Management weekend workshop, and this was later developed to produce what is today the MindScape workshop. Today there is also an Advanced MindScape course, as well as specialized MindScape courses.

Course Description

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Mind functions: the different functions of the mind and their relation to creativity and intuition
  • States of mind: the states of mind open to us, how to relax the body and the mind, and learning to engage a state that is particularly conducive to creative and intuitive faculties
  • Creating the MindScape Workshop: the participant is led to create their own unique conceptual framework, which then serves as a powerful interface for the mind's intuitive abilities as well as a tool for personal development
  • The Guides: discovering and interacting with the male and female archetypes unique to each participant, another very powerful self growth tool
  • The Screen of the Mind: a technique for mobilizing the powerful subconscious mind towards manifesting affirmations and goals
  • Creativity: using the MindScape method to encourage creativity and innovative thought, useful for art, problem-solving and so on
  • Sports and physical training: an introduction to using mental techniques to sharpen sports performance and enhance physical training
  • Healing: a way to help healing using the MindScape method
  • Tuning in to Animals: through the MindScape Workshop, participants learn to tune in to animals in an intuitive and experiential way
  • Tuning in to persons: by learning to do the same with people, one can immensely enhance his/her understanding of others, improve interactive relationships and healing procedures
  • The Mental Scanning: A practical demonstration where the participant learns to intuitively tune in to any person at different perceptual levels. This technique employed by medical intuitives is immensely useful for BodyTalk practitioners, therapists, and so on. The Scanning is surprisingly easy to learn, with all participants being given the opportunity to practice the technique.

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