Bridging the gap between health, education and the science of awareness.

We provide the vision, tools and training to Practitioners, Instructors, Members and Students worldwide. We proactively represent the interests of over 3000 members. Tens of thousands of students have studied within our curriculum and momentum is building to recognize the BodyTalk System as a profession.

Leadership Team

Our job is to serve our Members with ongoing support, educational development, awareness, and by building recognition from regulating bodies.

John Veltheim Co-founder
Esther Veltheim Co-founder

IBA utilizes a team of corporate advisors including the Co-Founders of the BodyTalk System, Dr John Veltheim & Esther Veltheim, and a dedicated group of Member Representatives.

Where we Are

IBA Headquarters Sarasota, USA
IBA Europa Schönebeck, Germany
IBA Australasia Mansfield, Australia


The IBA has more than 200 certified Instructors, Trainers and Trainees teaching its curricula in BodyTalk, BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall Systems.The training regimen for our Instructors is rigorous, and the certification standards are high in order to ensure that these powerful courses are taught at the highest professional level possible.


The IBA Membership is the core of the International BodyTalk Association. Professionals and students from around the world practice and promote BodyTalk and the Life Science courses to the general public, integrate these courses into their professional practices and form a broad, but closely knit matrix of support for each other.

IBA Team

A host of Graphic Designers, Web Developers, IT and Administrative Support Staff round out the IBA Team.

Local BodyTalk Associations

IBA Members and Practitioners in several cities and regions throughout the world have formed local BodyTalk Associations and websites to support the BodyTalk System in their localities. While not officially affiliated with the IBA, these local associations have been very successful in building an awareness of BodyTalk, MindScape and BreakThrough in their communities and they continue to promote the IBA and BodyTalk courses far and wide.

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