Stepping Inside the Door

Nov 04, 2016

By Célia Barboza

FreeFall in Brazil! It happened.
My name is Célia Barboza. I am 53. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have been working with BodyTalk for 11 years. I attended and monitored all modules and classes that were offered in Brazil.
At first, I asked Myriam if I could only coordinate FreeFall, without participating. Myriam said we could find a way and I agreed to coordinate. Rio de Janeiro has a beautiful BodyTalk matrix which is traditionally the leading edge of most of the BodyTalk classes, and I like to coordinate them. But to take my clothes off??? Noooooo way!
In the beginning of October, the FreeFall weekend was real and I started to fry. Literally frying! "The weekend," that was so far away, was now approaching. And I didn't know if I was going to participate. As the days passed, I was getting worse.

Consciousness of control is like hell. And I, personally, do not believe in control. For a long time, in my life, I have been letting go and letting flow. I truly believe that Consciousness happens and manifests itself on Its own. But to take my clothes off??? Noooooo way!
I contacted Myriam and Marcio Ribeiro. They supported me. At least, they attempted to ease me out, but truly, inside me, it was chaos. How was I going to be without clothes in front of my colleagues? I do not think it was something related to shame. It was about the exposure. It was all about the exposure of my beliefs and concepts.
Then the time came. I had only five minutes to decide. Do I enter the room? Or not? Everything inside me was screaming NO! But then I did the wisest thing I could: I went into my Mindscape workshop. My feminine guide told me, "Do not pay attention to these voices. They are not yours. Face it all and you will be fine!"

When the door closed, I was inside the room. And I will be forever grateful for that. I would regret deeply if I didn't stay, if I didn't listen to my deepest guidance that guided me beyond fear, control, prejudgment and responsibilities.

So what happened inside the room? An encounter. An encounter with myself. Following the encounter: liberation.

Theories about self-esteem are truly experienced in the FreeFall. Experienced in our skin. Because it is only in our skin that we can comprehend that all the things we think we know, we actually do not know! The empowerment is magnificent! In all levels of manifestation. And the shifts are immediate! I feel an immense and eternal gratitude for Myriam not having given up on me. She could see--beyond my resistances and triggers--all that I could reveal to the most important person in my life: My own self.
I am also grateful to Marcio. He anchored and supported me with his kindness, respect and incentive--cheering for me, quietly. He knew he could not influence my decision.
To my colleagues and students, I bow to your confidence in making the first FreeFall class in Brazil happen, highlighting the maturity of BodyTalk Brazil's Matrix. To you, all my love. (I am in shock when I say this; it seems that I know much better now what it means when I say I love you.)
I know that in the BodyTalk matrix, we find all level of practitioners, from Access to PaRama. And I love all classes, but FreeFall rises as "the best experience" of the BodyTalk universe. Everyone should make a moment in life and trust to dive deep inside your own self. You bet I am going to attend all the FreeFall opportunities I can.

I invite you to think, feel the vibration. FreeFall is in Brazil. It is a fact. When we set up our next date, don't wait. Register yourself. Spaces are limited, and I am sure everyone that was there in Myriam's class will come back to monitor.
Free Fall! Diving Freely! Jump in! It's a win-win!
Célia Barboza

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