Cultivating Access: The Art of Fostering a Daily Practice

Mar 02, 2017

By Enrico Camerin

"From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow."
- Aeschylus

When it comes to the BodyTalk Access course, you are approaching people in a way that you are introducing them to a new sort of ritual in their lifestyle.

Every day, almost everybody performs some kind of positive repetitive action as a way of protection, relaxing, or of strengthening some quality. Some people spend ten minutes a day praying, meditating, preparing a cup of herbal tea before going to bed, doing the Five Tibetan Rites, or simply walking.

It's true that the Access Routine is only ten minutes, but in reality, you are adding ten minutes to something you already do. The overall time can be significant for a busy Western person. Eventually, you have to give up one ritual in order to keep another one that works better.

You start to realize your prayers are not being met, the time it takes to warm up a cup of herbal tea is not worth it because your sleep has not improved, you see a new wrinkle in your face even though the Five Tibetan Rituals promise a long youth, and your daily positive affirmations are still leading to miserable experiences in life.

After the BodyTalk Access course, you suddenly have the option of introducing something new to your life, and you start comparing your old rituals with this new one. At the beginning, you are very excited, like a baby with a new toy, and if you are lucky enough to have some health issues, you can appreciate very quickly that the Access Routine is having a positive impact on them and on your life. Then it becomes quite natural to be perseverant.

But how about the person with no apparent health challenges? The change for them is subtler, and when all is going well, alertness tends to decrease. This is where our abilities as Access Trainers must come forward to keep the interest high. For healthy, balanced people, acute problems are not a priority, whereas maintenance and prevention become the new paradigm.

In my personal life, usually I don't take action until a problem arises, and for most people this is the way of living. I think it is the right approach in many areas, but when it comes to health, a proactive attitude would be more effective. In order to help individuals with no strong motivation to be proactive about their health, we need a platform where people can support one another. Individual motivation is often not enough, but if you are part of a group, you can take advantage of the extra fuel brought by the group energy.

The key factor is sharing your experience with like-minded people, and you can find your own way to do this. The possibility of physically meeting with others periodically might be the most powerful approach, but is not always very practical because it requires extra time, and also some of the people you connected with in the Access course might live very far away.

As an Access Trainer, I started realizing very soon that our job is not finished with the Access day course. The power of the Access routine can unfold and express its potential when you are committed to do it as a regular activity. When students are supported after the class, they start to appreciate it more, gain interest in BodyTalk, they may ask you for a session, and the BodyTalk community starts to grow and spread quite naturally.

In my circumstance, a follow-up meeting, while I believe it is the most powerful way to connect after a class, is not an option for logistical reasons. So, I created a WhatsApp group where periodically I post some advice or simply give a reminder to do the Access Routine, and very quickly people engage and post their results. (In case you are unfamiliar, WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that allows smartphone users to exchange text, image, video and audio messages for free within a specially created group. It's essentially setting up a text message group just for your Access class participants.)

Just to mention a few posts from my WhatsApp group:

"When I started my heart rate was very high and irregular, and very soon I felt relaxed and my heart rate is now back to normal."

"After a while of doing the sequence, I feel a sort of connection between the different parts especially in my head. Thank you for letting us discover this powerful modality."

"It helped me a lot in being more aware, the technique is quite simple, but keeping focused and present is something that challenges me."

"Today I did the sequence on one of my clients and it was a wonderful experience for her. She said that her head was suddenly empty and it was like she was flying."

"My toothache disappeared and it seems that the infection under the tooth is now under control. I still have to go to the dentist but at least it's no longer an urgency and I can ponder what to do with more calm."

These encouraging messages shared in the group help each person to keep going with the Access sequence. It provides motivation and energy to not give up and reminds them to do it not just when problems arise.

There are some technical limitations with the WhatsApp methodology: one of them being that new people you add to the group cannot see the previous thread, or you might post something for new students that previous participants have already seen, however, repetition is a key aspect in learning.

If you are creating a group like this, in order to respect everyone's privacy, you should always ask permission before adding a person to the group. You will find that some people don't like this way of interacting.

Periodically, I gather all the threads from the WhatsApp group and put them in a newsletter. I can then send it to all the people who attended the seminar. This way, new students who missed previous posts can still read them, and people who don't' want to be part of the WhatsApp group can still see all the positive posts. In this way, no one is excluded from being aware of this important sharing of testimonials and they get to feel the growing and building enthusiasm for regularly performing Access.

Meet Enrico

Enrico will be teaching his next BodyTalk Access course on Sunday, March 26, 2017 in Treviso, Italy. If you have any friends or family in Italy, let them know. Click HERE to register.

1. If you could be doing anything in the world at this moment, what would it be?

Being able to let go of the desire to be someone or to stand out in order to give something special to the world. In that way you become more aligned with the power of the Universe and paradoxically you are more helpful to yourself and to the world.

2. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to and why?

I have never thought to change my name, but during a session a lady asked me: "Do you have a middle name?" I answered quite surprised, "Yes I forgot about it, my middle name is Paolo but I decided to remove it from the document because the middle name creates only practical problems and confusion." She replied that, according to the formula, for some reason I have to reconsider that name and to acknowledge its existence. If I pay attention to numerology Enrico+Paolo = 11 and this is a recurring number in my life, like date and time of birth and many more.

3. What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

From my grandmother, some practical advice, like "Look to both sides of the road before crossing," and "Don't leave a rake lying on the field with the tines up or you'll get hit in the nose if you step on it." Some more spiritual advice is "Don't believe in your thoughts."

4. Do you have a favorite personal saying or mantra?

I'm currently considering a Byron Katie saying: "God spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation." But usually my mantras don't last too long, so I don't know if I will still like this in the next month.

5. Why BodyTalk, Access or the Life Sciences?

It's not always easy to understand why the life leads you to embrace a certain path. There are some challenges that force you to see aspects that go beyond our rational culture, and BodyTalk is an excellent and effective way to incorporate different perspectives. Furthermore, as long as I enjoy studying and doing this activity I already have the answer without the need to investigate too much.

Best Wishes

Enrico Camerin
Phone: 3403922061
Cell Phone: 3403922061

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