New Course Prices

Jul 14, 2017

As you know, John feels that we need to reduce the cost of our courses to make learning BodyTalk more affordable for everyone and thus open up more learning opportunities.

In John's recently released 2017 Fall Schedule Announcement you will see that our new pricing is reflected.  Some of you have questions about this which we seek to address here:

Is this a permanent change?

We hope so. However, our pricing is always subject to change and is based on many factors. The pricing of John's fall, 2017 courses is only possible because it is via LiveStream, and thus much lower costs, and John has taught this course already, so there are no course development costs. Future course offerings may be priced higher, especially if they are not via LiveStream because they will have travel and venue cost overheads.

I took this course recently but now it is offered at half the price, can I get a refund?
Regrettably, our new pricing is not retroactive and we cannot give refunds. To do so would curtail our ability to make this transition to lower pricing for Livestream courses. We certainly understand that it is challenging to have paid full price and now see the same course at half price. But we trust that making your future Livestream learning opportunities more affordable and accessible will make up for this.

Will these cost reductions apply to non-LiveStream courses?
That is our goal. Our course prices are very dependent on our course overheads. A big part of John's course costs are the expenses related to his "in person" teaching. It is very expensive to fly John all over the world. In the future we plan to offer less in-person classes and more LiveStream classes. This "blended" approach allows us to reduce our course costs which in turn allows us to reduce our course prices.

What about the pricing of courses offered by other instructors?
The IBA has no control over the prices instructors charge for their courses and we are looking at ways to reduce the overheads instructors have. It is our hope that they will follow the example set by the IBA and look at reducing their pricing. That said, every course has its own unique scenario for costs that influence an instructor's overhead, which is why the IBA leaves these business decisions in the hands of the instructors.

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