BodyTalk and Music

Jul 19, 2017

By Karen Atkins

"So when the shimmer fades
What's in your heart that steers the way?"
--Karen Atkins

When I first started practicing BodyTalk in 2002, I delved into it full force, as I had done with (almost) everything in life, including my music career. Coming out of high school and college as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, I started touring, receiving awards and living the musician life along the way--until my health deteriorated, and my body forced me to stop.

Finding my way back to health, I discovered Dr. Veltheim's work and the world of BodyTalk that was then just beginning to take off. BodyTalk became the pillar to my own healing as well as success for myself as a practitioner and health educator.

After running a busy BodyTalk center in New York City and traveling all around the world to teach and share BodyTalk, I've established my home at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, CA, just north of San Francisco. I've now come full circle to re-launching my music career, this time with 20-plus years of wisdom acquired from my experiences with hundreds of clients and students.

My newly released album, "In My Room," showcases nostalgic grooves and riffs that have flavors reminiscent' of the '70s with intricate vocal harmonies and arrangements produced by Bay Area producer Xeno and myself, backed by prominent studio musicians and engineers.

What makes this album unique is that I used a special tuning for all of the instruments. Instead of the standard industry tuning of A = 440 Hz, I tuned everything to A = 432 Hz, which is said to have a more harmonious, rounder sound, more aligned with nature.

There are researchers who have studied the effects of music in 432 Hz, but there is still a lot of debate out there about whether it is indeed more healing than 440 Hz. Quite frankly, I don't really care how "sound" the scientific evidence is at this point, other than the fact that when I play my music in 432, I intuitively feel that it has a softer, more relaxing effect.

Through honing my intuition with BodyTalk and other practices, I have become even more intuitive as a musician, since music draws out the part of my soul that I cannot fully express through any other medium.

There is one interesting study that was conducted by the Centre for Biofield Sciences in India that specifically studied the effects of music in 432 Hz1. They used non-invasive technologies like Poly-contrast Interference Photography, Gas Discharge Visualization, Electro-Interstitial Scan, and Medical Thermal Imaging to visually analyze any improvements in the human biofield.

After seven days of exposure to music in 432 Hz, the participants experienced reduced stress, insomnia, depression and pain levels, as well as increased concentration and calmness.

One particular point in this study that stuck out to me as a BodyTalker was the visible difference in the clearing of the heart chakra. Low energy and congestion seen in the heart chakra reduced after the 432 Hz exposure. My mind immediately went to how John initially discovered that the tapping on the heart was the major key to sustaining the positive healing effects of BodyTalk. If the heart chakra is cleared and balanced, that would mean less interference for the heart to do its job.

So what if music in 432 Hz was combined with BodyTalk? Naturally, as someone who lives and breathes both BodyTalk and music, I came up with the idea to do an experiment while on tour promoting my new album. Listeners get to participate in a study during which they'll listen to songs off of my "In My Room" album and fill out questionnaires on how they feel before and after. For certain audiences, I will be adding the Cortices technique to see how BodyTalk can further enhance the relaxing experience.

This "Frequency Experiment Tour" is starting in Northern California and I'll hit the road up north with my crew to Portland, Oregon, stopping in beautiful towns like Arcata, Eugene, Ashland, Mt. Shasta, and Nevada City along the way. Then off to the East Coast to share with folks in Maine, Vermont and New York City. If I can share my heart-centered music to uplift others and see that it can possibly have a real soothing effect, that would be the dream!

My bigger vision surrounding the sharing of my music and energy-balancing techniques like BodyTalk is to offer programs consisting of healthy lifestyle education for all ages, with a focus on cultivating creativity for tweens and teens. Budding young artists will learn to produce music while supporting a well-balanced lifestyle. The Frequency Tour is the kick-off to the development and launch of this project, bringing a team of experienced professionals together to provide practical and enriching lifestyle support to teenagers and beyond.

It would be wonderful to get feedback on the 432 Hz effect in my album "In My Room" from fellow BodyTalkers, and I would love to see some of you in person if I happen to come to your town! My ultimate mission, much like a lot of other BodyTalk practitioners I talk to, is simply to create a happier, healthier self and community. If more people can be reached through vibration-raising tools like music and consciousness-based medicine, then I can guarantee that the world we live in can be a better place.
1Prayag et al (2011). Effects of Spiritual Result Music on Human Biofield. Centre for Biofield Sciences. Retrieved from

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