Healing with Crystals

Aug 19, 2017

By Paola Novaes Ramos

At our 2017 IBA Heart and Soul Conference, Paola's presentation on crystals and the Cardinal Method of Life Connection spurred a lot of questions from intrigued Members who wondered how they might learn more, either to practice crystal sessions on themselves, or how to utilize them on a priority basis in a BodyTalk session. The crystal constellation session she did with John and Conference participants was powerfully felt and encouraged even greater curiosity. We asked Paola if she would write an article to follow up her presentation. She graciously agreed.

Healing with Crystals


The Cardinal Method of Life Connection

by Paola Novaes Ramos, PhD, Ms, Professor

"In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle,and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being."
- Nikola Tesla

"Crystals grew inside rock like arithmetic flowers. They lengthened and spread, added plane to plane in an awed and perfect obedience to an absolute geometry that even stones - maybe only the stones - understood."
- Annie Dillard

Like many people on this planet, I have loved crystals since I was a child. In the beginning, I was mostly fascinated by their beauty and the peace I felt when I contemplated or touched them. To be honest, touching them is the best way to connect with them, and since I love holding crystals, I believed they also loved to be touched. In my childhood, I did not know the logic behind crystals and why I felt so attracted to them. I just knew I felt happy and calm in their presence.

When I was thirteen or fourteen years old, I developed a deeper consciousness and connection with crystal energy. At that age, I became interested in Greek philosophy and in the theory and practice of Yoga, as I explain in detail in my new book The Cardinal Method of Life Connection. As I began to study human nature, the soul and the spirit, a deeper study of crystals also became part of my investigations.

I researched different approaches on crystal energy. The most fascinating fact to me was that some Native American cultures consider crystals to be ancient beings that "store" information. Within this ideology comes the concept that anything that has been registered in the history of humankind can be accessed if we tune in to a crystal with a focused intent to know the truth.

This is, of course, a spiritual belief. Traditional cultures have a deep connection with nature and often mythicize human relationships with animals, plants, stones, and the natural world. And yet, regarding the relationship between crystals and consciousness, I felt in my heart there must be some science behind the idea of crystals encouraging the truth to emerge.

That's when I started developing my own practices of crystal connection. I studied and practiced meditation and researched the colors and geometry of crystals. I was also very interested in any kind of knowledge about the soul and consciousness expansion. The more I learned about the challenges of human nature, the more I felt crystals could be powerful tools to bring us back to peace and wellbeing.

After many years of research, practice, and intuitive insights, I started developing The Cardinal Method of Life Connection. As a soul healing modality that uses the power of crystals for consciousness expansion, the most fundamental intent of the CMLC is to connect us to the truth of our inner worlds and to the truth of life.

Most of us have a tough time dealing with the truth, and most of the problems in our personal journeys relate to our tendency to avoid the truth and to resent life for our personal shortcomings and for the flaws of others--especially the people we love, and most especially our parents, family members and ancestors. This is the biggest resistance the CMLC intends to deal with and help dissolve.

One key factor that still needs to be verified and validated by scientific investigation is my intuition that the internal geometry of crystals has a higher vibrational frequency than the distortions of our minds and the subsequent distortions in our bodies. When we connect our minds and surrender our hearts to crystal energy, their internal geometry has the potential to help align the energetic blueprints of our minds and bodies, and their colors and hues may soothe and heal specific aspects of our souls and bodies as well.

I have been researching the power of crystals and the CMLC in combination with BodyTalk and Family Constellations, and they work very well with both modalities. As BodyTalk practitioners, we can use crystals in our sessions when they come up as priority, get more specific about where to place the crystal or stone, and ask how long this connection needs to process. It is important to get specific about the time the client should spend with each crystal during a session, and if the client needs to get a specific stone to connect with (which is not always the case, so be very mindful when crystals come up as priority in your sessions).

My personal way to avoid the excessive use of crystals in BodyTalk sessions is to think about Leonardo da Vinci's work and the idea of Divine Proportion, because his work has greatly influenced the CMLC. Think of your session as a creation of beauty and a scientific work of art, knowing that less is best and that everything that flows in divine proportion has a better chance to manifest life's potential.

As BodyTalkers in individual practices I suggest we always tap our cortices before meditating with crystals, time our meditations with them to last no more than ten minutes, and clear them after use. I also suggest we do not overcrowd our physical spaces with crystals, because every inch of a crystal projects at least five feet of energy to the external world.

If we use crystals mindfully and see them as natural healing tools, we can really benefit from them. If we are centered, there is no need to get superstitious or anxious about using crystal tools for life connection. Placing them on dry sea salt for a few minutes or a couple of hours to clear the energy, and saying a mantra or prayer when we remove them from the salt is enough. We can also place them under running water if the crystal can take it (some stones may deteriorate in water). We can also recharge crystals by placing them on the earth and/or under moonlight (sunlight can be too aggressive and fade the color).

CMLC practices with crystals are described in the books Your Cardinal Connections, which is an introduction to the soul and crystal energy for the general public, and The Cardinal Method of Life Connection, which brings more in-depth knowledge about the CMLC itself, and was written mostly for the community of energy medicine practitioners.

The specific practices with crystals described in both books encourage us to connect to the truth of all there is and to take responsibility for our lives and our choices. When we have the pure intention of personal growth, and when we commit to honestly observing the truth of our lives and our personal flaws and shortcomings without judgement, we can shift as human beings and help our clients in more powerful ways.

With love,

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