John's 2018 Course Lineup

Dec 13, 2017

By IBA Office

Study with John in 2018

We are pleased to inform you that we have a full schedule of Livestream events to offer in early 2018, or rather the 2018 winter season (summer for those of you below the equator). During his continued travel hiatus, John has decided to keep himself very busy offering a wide variety of course, group session, and meeting opportunities. We hope you can take advantage of as many of these events as possible. Since many of the events are free, your only obligation is to find a cozy spot to curl up or kick your feet up and soak it all in. We look forward to connecting with you in 2018.

Newly added events have been highlighted. You can register for any of the events below by clicking on the "Courses" tab above, and then selecting "John Veltheim" as the Instructor. Or click HERE.

January 9 - Metaphysics Q&A, FREE *prerequisite below
January 10 - Online Instructor Meeting, FREE (instructors only)
January 11 - Online Members Meeting, FREE (active membership required)
January 16 - Supplemental course: Stress Disorders, $100
January 23 through 25 - Finding Health Consolidated, $450
January 30 - Group Session: Practitioner/Client Dynamics - #1 The Intake Form,
NOTE: All group sessions are $45 each or $90 for all three (when purchasing bundle)

February 6 - Group Session: Practitioner/Client Dynamics - #2 Unpredictable Healing Responses, $45 or $90 for all three
February 7 - Metaphysics Q&A with John & Esther (monthly), FREE *prerequisite below
February 13 - Group Session: Practitioner/Client Dynamics - #3 Training Clients to Subconsciously Refer, $45 or $90 for all three
February 14 - Online Instructor Meeting, FREE (instructors only)
February 15 - Online Member Meeting, FREE (active membership required)
February 20 - Supplemental Course: Immune Systems, $100
February 22 - Founders Session Intensive in sunny Sarasota, In-Person sessions are $350 each (15 spots available); Livestreamer (observer) fee is $90

*Please note, the Metaphysics Q&A is only for students who take the Metaphysics of Treating with John on December 19. All students who participate in his course will be automatically enrolled in all subsequent Metaphysics Q&A events (with John and/or Esther).

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