Britt, San San and Four Hands BodyTalk

Feb 12, 2018

By Britt Toksvig Jorgensen

Since August 2016, I have had the pleasure of the company of my colleague San San Lee at the refugee center in Kuala Lumpur. We show up at the medical clinic every Tuesday and work with the refugees who are mostly from Afghanistan. Previously, I had enjoyed pairing up with colleagues for the same session during courses or study groups. It is nice to have that now on a weekly basis.
When we started out with Four Hands BodyTalk, San San had been qualified less than 9 months, and me for about 9 years, and it has been such a pleasure to see her strengthen her subtle senses and develop her confidence, flow and techniques. She on the other hand feels she has been able to learn from a more experienced colleague. (In the photo above, San San (left) and Britt (second from the right), pose with some of the many children they see come through the refugee center.)
The ability to work as a team helps to create a ring of calm for sessions to occur regardless of the surrounding chaos. Sometimes, one of us will be drawing with a toddler or holding a crying baby while the other one does the session, or one might be doing orthopedic evaluations while the other takes notes.
Mostly, we both tune in and work at the same time. It flows very well, and we discuss as we go along, "I think you have something to add to my link here," "I really felt your link with the shoulder here in the pelvis," "Can you see this isn't quite shifting?" "This seems to be a family matrix thing, what are you getting on that?" It sometimes reminds me of when I would build Lego creations with my brother as a child.
We both feel the power of being two observers. In the recent Plant Talk course, John mentioned that when several people send reiki the effect grows exponentially, and that made sense to me. I feel our sessions are very powerful.
There have also been instances with no links as such, "just" the healing space of the client verbally and energetically sharing a story, a trauma or difficult current situation with the two of us. For instance, being able to sit in empathy as fellow mums, with another mum in tears as she isn't able to send her children to school. This space feels exponentially more powerful with, not one, but two observers.
From a practical standpoint, we have been able to fill in for each other in case of illness or holidays, and it is just plainly more enjoyable to have shared experiences as colleagues. It's always more fun with two!
Update: The Malaysian BodyTalk community has continued to grow in strength and support since the November 2017 article "BodyTalk Malaysia Here We Come." Since that time, Andy Spencer visited for another successful MindScape weekend, and coming up in March we will have a successful collaboration between Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia when Andy visits all 3 locations in one trip. Tracey Clark will arrive to teach Fundamentals in June.

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