Fundamentals Manual Updates

Mar 27, 2018

By IBA Staff

We are pleased to announce that we have an updated BodyTalk Fundamentals manual that Instructors will start handing out to new students once their current manual supplies run out. This only pertains to English versions of the manual. We will announce our plans for German and Portuguese versions of the manual as soon as we can. Below is a summary of the changes to the updated manual:

  • All instances that instruct to tap the head and sternum now instruct to tap the "head, sternum and navel."
  • A new sub-section has been added in Chapter 3 that explains the methodology behind "Tapping the Navel (Gut)."
  • Cellular Repair has been modified to only explain that it "addresses cellular damage that has occurred during the course of life." It is no longer explained as a technique that addresses inherited conditions.
  • Several very minor typos have been corrected.

Prior graduates of BodyTalk Fundamentals are permitted to purchase a replacement manual through the IBA store for USD 125 plus shipping and handling. However, students who have taken/will take a BodyTalk Fundamentals class between March 1, 2018 and July 31, 2018 can receive a replacement manual for the special price of USD 50 plus shipping and handling. Students wishing to take advantage of this offer, need to contact the IBA Office at 941-921-7443.
We have compiled a list of all the specific changes in the new 10th Edition of the BodyTalk Fundamentals manual. You may view and download this list in the Member Downloads section of the IBA website or by clicking here:

View Manual Changes
Instructors, you will be able to use this document in lieu of being able to purchase the new manuals, which are not available to Instructors until April 30, 2018. This will allow you to determine how you may need to modify your teaching presentations.

Regarding the removal of the description around treating "inherited" conditions as part of Cellular Repair, John has found that until students learn about inherited epigentic markers, the technique is generally fairly ineffective for inherited conditions. It can still be quite effective with vaccinations and acquired damage from toxin exposure.

In other courses where epigenetics is/will be discussed, students may learn how to apply Cellular Repair specific to inherited factors. The protocol chart was not changed, so "inherited" is still an option for those who understand its use around epigenetics and methyl markers.

The IBA Staff 

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