Sincere Support for the Aging Population

Jun 14, 2018

By IBA Office

Helping "The Golden Years" Glimmer

Imagine a big family all living together in a rustic villa in Siena, Italy. Dad runs a shop in the day. Mom manages housework and kids. Auntie and Uncle run errands, help with the shop and tend to the garden and animals. Grandma, though widowed, helps in any way she can; some days its feeding chickens, sometimes its making dinner, but her favorite task is being babysitter to her grandkids. Eventually the kids grow up and there are some changes in who lives under the same roof, but soon there are four generations in the house and now grandma is a great-grandmother and is still content and healthy and contributing to the family at 95 years old.

In an ideal world, this is the way our elders would age--living with and continually engaging with their family, making their own special contributions.

One of the major issues contributing to poor health in the elderly is feelings of isolation. When grandma or grandpa live on their own, they often find that their busy family has little time or thought for them. If seniors are not motivated to help themselves and do not have a strong network of close friends, feelings of isolation can quickly turn into chronic depression. This lack of joy and of social connections often leads to a host of illnesses and a far more rapid deterioration of the body.

This is a critical situation that the non-elderly population needs to be aware of. It is also a situation that can be remedied through support strategies and energetic healing modalities like BodyTalk.

In John Veltheim's upcoming short course, he will discuss both recommendations for and treatment strategies in supporting the elderly. While psychological health is an essential aspect of the course, other important topics to be addressed include nutrition, physical deterioration, and health conditions that are more common among aging clients (e.g. circulation issues, dementia, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, sensory impairments, etc.). It is important to note that geriatric clients need to be treated in an entirely different way than the general population. Just like we treat infants and children from a different perspective, there are unique considerations in working with seniors.

Every single one of us will have or already has elderly parents or grandparents that will require some degree of our support and care. This course is likely to inform you in ways you would have never considered. It may very likely change not only the way you treat the aging members in your family, but the way you interact with them, and the way you hope to age.

Don't miss out on this one. Register now.
Addressing Elderly Issues
Tuesday, June 26, 2:00-3:30pm EDT
Course is in English and provides 2CEUs

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