What Drives You?

Nov 01, 2018

By IBA Staff

"You're better equipped for this world than I am," she said. "I'm always trying to change the world. You know how to live in it."
– Tom Robbins

Overdoing it is something we all have a wee bit of experience with. Your system feels exhausted, you know you need a break and yet, you push on. Your tummy feels stuffed beyond enjoyment, but you ignore its groans and tell yourself, "just a few more bites." You feel parched as you look at your empty water glass and think, "I'll refill it as soon as I get this done." An hour later your mouth is dry and you still have no water. You offer to help a friend out and before you know it you are doing the whole job. You have a glass of wine and before you know it you have finished the whole bottle. "How did that happen!?"

If only we had a pause button at such times, a moment to re-assess, wouldn't that be nice. For sure, there are times when necessity demands that you push yourself. A work deadline, a friend in need, an elderly parent to care for, children to pick up, a flight to catch. But, please, right now, do hit pause for just a moment and ask yourself: "In the span of my lifetime, which has driven me the most, necessity or compulsion?"

Are you sure you can tell the difference?

Between these two driving forces, necessity and compulsion, there is a very fine line. Where there is guilt or shame, this fine line becomes so blurred that necessity and compulsion become indistinguishable from one another. Because these two forces, necessity and compulsion, drive our behavior so strongly we need to be able to tell the difference between them. While you are unable to make this distinction, you will keep on mistaking compulsion for necessity. This confuses your system, which innately knows better, and has you living with a bodymind that is essentially switched most of the time. Walking the fine line between necessity and compulsion becomes increasingly hazardous.

The theme underpinning this month's series of group sessions is the theme that permeates our life, choice. The topics John will be addressing this month are:

Your relationship to food

Each session will address those habits that have become so ingrained that we mistake the feeding of our compulsions and the ignoring of our instincts for a natural part of who we are. "I'm a snacker," "I'm just not a big water drinker," "Wine just naturally calms my system." Think of this series of group sessions as a system re-set, clarifying the fine line between what your system innately knows is best for it versus its habitual compulsions. As the difference becomes more obvious, it is far more uncomplicated to sense what real necessity is. As this clarity grows, it is easier to make more practical choices in life that are in better service to your wellbeing.

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