You Are Not Your Diagnosis

Mar 13, 2019

By Lyn Delmastro-Thomson

A year and a half ago, I woke up with the words "You are not your diagnosis" in my head. As I sat with those words, I realized they were the title to a book, one that I was supposed to write. For years, friends, clients, and family members told me they thought I should write a book, but until the morning I woke up with the title, I had said "someday" because I didn't know exactly what the book would be about. When I realized this was a book I was being called to write, I thought about what those words meant to me. For me, they represented the journey I had begun back in 2004 when I had been diagnosed with leukemia (which was actually a misdiagnosis... but that's another story).
The title of the book represents a journey from the belief that I had this scary and life-threatening disease to a place where I realized that a diagnosis was just a label and not a life (or death) sentence. It represents the work I now do as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in helping clients who have been diagnosed with chronic illness to find true healing and to transcend the label they have been given.
As I prepared to write the book, I realized that I have a powerful story to share with the world, one that goes against many of the beliefs people have about the nature of healing and people's adherence to Western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. If I had simply just taken in that diagnosis I was given back in 2004 and accepted it as my reality, I might never have learned that it was actually a misdiagnosis. I might have just believed I had a disease that had no cure and could only be managed for a period of time with a new drug and that my lifespan was going to be significantly shortened. (In the photo above, Lyn and her husband are enjoying a canal cruise in Amsterdam.)
Yet, after accepting this as my reality for about a year, I began to explore other alternative healing modalities. I also questioned the diagnosis because I felt in my gut something was wrong and I didn't trust my doctor.
We live in a world where chronic illnesses are on the rise, especially in the area of autoimmune diseases, and I felt passionately that I wanted to share both my own story and the lessons I learned through the journey with others. My hope is that we can move beyond the paradigm of a chronic illness diagnosis being "incurable."
As BodyTalk practitioners, we witness tremendous healing shifts in our clients, day in and day out, and I wanted to share some of these new ways of thinking with the world. So part of the book shares information like the research Dr. Tracey Clark completed for her PhD dissertation, as well as introducing people to the dynamic systems and quantum physics perspectives on healing. In the end, I created a book that is short and easily digestible to begin to open more conversations with people who are living with chronic illness about other possibilities that exist for their healing.
If you have been looking for a way to introduce clients to some of the ideas and philosophies behind BodyTalk in an approachable way, this book is in part intended to do that. If you are currently living with a chronic diagnosis, the book is here to offer you hope, new perspectives on what is possible, and strategies to get started.
You can find the book on Amazon (with global distribution) or if you'd like a signed copy and live within the US, I have it available on my website,

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