BodyTalk for Animals Revival

May 21, 2019

By Ange Anderson

Enthusiasm is bubbling as a simple and vibrant animal BodyTalk program comes back to life

BodyTalk for Animals is a program that is so dear to our hearts. It has such potential to enhance the grounding and nurturing energy of the whole BodyTalk System and Life Sciences. Shifts in requirements and changes in available instructors and leadership brought the program to a pause for a little while. But new seeds have been planted and we are preparing to re-instate the program from a place of sincere commitment and respect towards the work, the animals, and the people who love them. Senior BodyTalk Instructor, Ange Anderson, who is deeply trusted and esteemed by John, Esther, and the IBA staff has been working hard with staff to come up with a very simple and uncomplicated program that will ensure success in BodyTalk for Animals for many years to come. We first wanted to announce these changes to our Members. As we continue to gain momentum, we will announce it to a broader audience. Take it away, Ange ...
Hello IBA!
It has been quite a few years since I have worked with the IBA, and it is an honor to be back, helping to reinvigorate the BodyTalk for Animals Program! This is a part of the BodyTalk System that was always near and dear to my heart.
When I first began working with the IBA many years ago as a Practitioner, and eventually as an Instructor, I immediately fell in love and in awe with what this work could do for Animals. The eagerness and simplicity from animals to heal and to be well, was deeply inspiring. And the teachings they selflessly offer us through their natural consciousness gives us an opportunity as healers, and as humans, to be more balanced, more aware, and more connected. It became my passion to help spread this work globally and to build the Animal Matrix with practitioners and instructors throughout the world.
I currently live in Missoula, Montana with my husband, my 9 year-old son, Logan, and my 6-year old daughter, Maya. I work for the labor and delivery unit at one of our local hospitals, leading the patient prenatal and family education program. I love my current work, it is such a joy and privilege to support new moms and dads (as well as grandparents and siblings!) through the prenatal period, in childbirth, and through the first year of healing and transitioning after the birth of a new baby. Working locally allows me to spend more time with my family, and to enjoy my children while they are still so young, and to be always present as they grow and change daily.
The travel and time that accompany teaching for the IBA feels prohibitive at this stage of my life as a long term commitment, but I am so thrilled to return temporarily to help get the Animal Program back on its feet. And already, I have had the pleasure to reconnect with old IBA friends. It is truly a pleasure to be back!
And now, the Animal Program details that I know many of you have been waiting for:

BodyTalk Access for Animals:
We still plan to launch BodyTalk Access for Animals as an online course taught through PaRama Campus. While there will still be Access Trainers who can offer the full course, as well as supplemental practicals in person, the hope is that the online option will exponentially increase exposure to this simple and effective method for people throughout the world to treat their own animals. And that it will, in turn, build the numbers of those who wish to go further into professional practice. At the time, we are not accepting new applicants for Animal Access Trainers. First, we wish to get the online course going and will then reevaluate the need for additional in-person trainers and the requirements they will need to meet. 

BodyTalk for Animals (Module 8a)
For those who wish to take their skills beyond Access, the full BodyTalk for Animals course (Module 8a) is the way to go! The only prerequisites for taking this course are BodyTalk Fundamentals and Principles of Consciousness, both essential for excellent results in working with animals professionally. For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to take this course, we do hope to see you in a class soon. Please know that while all of the principles of working with humans can be applied as you've already learned on animals, there is so much in the BodyTalk for Animals course that is critical to be practicing as safely and effectively as possible. It is essential that this course is taken and that you take the CBP-A exam before you promote yourself as an Animal BodyTalk Practitioner. And, we are doing everything we can to get this course accessible once again.
At this time I am so pleased to share that BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainers Rosalie Juravle from Canada and Sacha Maxwell from Ireland have been accepted to train as Animal Instructors. They both have done so much already for the BodyTalk for Animals Matrix and we are thrilled to welcome them to the team. There are a few others who may be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.
As Animal BodyTalk courses are scheduled, we will be sharing the news with all members, so hang tight and know that these courses will soon be up and running once again. The classes will return to a simple, straightforward, and powerful approach to Animal BodyTalk.
At this time, we are looking for cities to host classes. If you live in an area with strong local interest in BodyTalk for Animals, please contact me and let me know so that we can explore the possibility of getting a class booked in your area!
Certified BodyTalk for Animals Practitioners (CBP-A)
As we rebuild the Animal Program, we recognize that there are folks who may have already taken an exam to certify as Animal BodyTalk Practitioners, but we do not have all your names. For those of you who have already tested and certified, please help us by contacting us right away with anything you can provide to demonstrate your earned designation (a certificate, copy of completed exam, email announcing your completing of certification, etc.) so that we can get you listed on the website in the near future.
For those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to take the exam, the process is now formalized and available immediately! Click below for details, including prerequisites and process, to take your CBP-A exam.
If you have already done a lot of work, study, and courses but your prerequisites do not match exactly, we invite you to contact us to discuss. While we want a official and formal process to certify moving forward, we also want to recognize work you may have already done under the guidance of different criteria. For a grace period, we may be able to accept what you have done already and permit you to test and certify right away. I am available and excited to work with anyone who is ready. And as soon as our Animal Instructor Trainees are certified, they will take over this certification process.
Animal Instructors
We recognize that there are some of you who have already made significant investments and strides towards the process of becoming an Animal Instructor. We have done our best to reach out to those we are aware of to invite them to formalize and complete their training so that we can have instructors throughout the world teaching this class once again. If you are someone who has already done a lot of work towards becoming an instructor and you have not been contacted, please notify us right away. It was not our intention to leave any deserving candidates out of this invite.
Moving forward, we are excited to now have a formal and official process for new folks, who are CBP-As to apply to teach BodyTalk for Animals. Over the last few months, I have been working closely with John and staff members of the IBA to formalize a fair and high quality process for becoming an Animal Instructor. We are so pleased to announce those details! Please visit here for all information and prerequisites for becoming an Animal Instructor (note you must first be logged into your IBA account). 
And once again, if you feel you have qualifications and experience to teach, but do not meet the exact prerequisites listed, please contact us to discuss. We recognize that some of the prerequisites may not have been available or accessible to you, though you may have already done extensive work and would be an excellent addition to our teaching team. For a short while, we will have some flexibility in this process.
In Summary
I would like to thank you for your patience as we have been working hard to get this program on solid footing once again. I, John, and the IBA staff are excited and optimistic of the direction this program is headed, and I am personally so thrilled to help play a part in the Animal Program's rebirth!
If you have any questions or concerns, I welcome you to contact me at any time. Thank you in advance for your help in spreading the word to build this matrix once again. And thank you, full-heartedly, to those of you who have maintained the matrix through your committed work to animals throughout the years!

Most Warmly,
Ange Anderson
Go to full details on getting a CBP-A certification
Go to full details on becoming a BodyTalk Animal Instructor
Please remember, just as you need to have a CBP certification and maintain membership and CEUs to practice on humans, you need to have your CBP-A certification and adhere to membership and CEU requirements to practice BodyTalk on animals. Specific liability insurance is also highly recommended for people working with animals.

As Ange stated in her letter above, please contact her to express interest in taking the CBP-A exam, becoming an Animal Instructor, or if you are interested in coordinating a BodyTalk for Animals course in your area at

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