Cancer "On" to Cancer "Off"

Aug 15, 2019

By IBA Office

BodyTalk client Carol Lynne Fouad had a transformative experience with BodyTalk during her journey with cancer. In Carol's self-published book The Empowered Cancer Journey: Knowing, Doing, Surviving - The Intuitive Approach to Healing, she shares how she knew that after one particular BodyTalk session with CBP Marjorie Panzer in Newport Beach, California, her body ' "flipped the switch" from "cancer on" to "cancer off." ' After this, she knew it was time to stop her cancer treatments, even though her doctors insisted she sign papers stating that she "was behaving irrationally." While in the BodyTalk community, certainly we would never recommend such drastic action, Carol was simply following her gut.

In Carol's words:

After Marjorie had finished that segment of the session, which was executed quietly, she asked me if I had felt a change about ten minutes prior. I was so amazed that she was so in tune, because that was precisely when the shift occurred. I described my experience to her and she explained that there was a sudden change in my DNA structure, sort of the opposite of a mutation; the dysfunction reversed itself. I know that may seem impossible, but I am certain that is the very moment when my Mindbody decided it was over. Everything changed from that moment forward.

To read more about Carol's experience with BodyTalk in her healing journey and her other insights and experiences, her book can be found on Amazon. For more information about CBP Marjorie and her wellness center in Newport Beach, go to

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