First BodyTalk Course in Mexico a Success!

Jul 19, 2004

Saludos de Tulum, Mexico!

The first Public Presentation of The BodyTalk System in Mexico was given to a truly international audience representing people from England, Chile, Italy, Sweden, Mexico and the U.S. at Escuela de Masaje of Tulum.

After the opening lecture, the training shifted to the beach resort of Dos Ceibas so, of course, we started with a beach break, pictured at right.

The Tulum training was an experiment in combining languages Spanish and English, and several cultures in a lush tropical setting that nurtured the learning process.

Participants quickly understood the ramifications of BodyTalk and how easily the system brings about change and well being in the overall body mind.

In the relaxed atmosphere of the warm Caribbean waters, students from both cultures seemed to easily get the concepts and philosophy behind BodyTalk! Everyone jumped into the training, learned BodyTalk and brought it back to their respective communities. Bruce, a student from the North, is already working on a baby with cerebral palsy and getting results! Barefoot participants gather on the steps of the Dos Ceibas training room, bringing together North and South through the language of BodyTalk.

Licensed nurse and traditional Mexican healer, Maria Galindo, consistently responded with “wow” in English about how rapidly shifts occurred in the bodymind and how profoundly the balances affected all levels of consciousness. Maria is currently translating the protocol chart into Spanish as an expression of gratitude for BodyTalk.

One of the benefits of training within community was treating a local child. Sarah came in with severe “belly ache”. She was treated within the training and priority was for parasites! Reports are that her parasites are gone.

Another child, Mathias, had belly ache and headache. He was treated one morning. After the treatment, he fell asleep and when he awoke half an hour later, all of his aches were gone. Even through the intensity of hearing the class in both Spanish and English, learning the Protocol, and doing the techniques, we all had time for some laughs doing SB on ourselves!

Are you interested in getting your feet wet in BodyTalk? The next Caribbean BodyTalk training in Tulum begins November 27 thru December 4, for a week long BodyTalk Intensive, all inclusive week at the beach!

E-mail CBI Suryo Gardner at or call 206-251-0621.

Monitors, who have completed Modules 1/2 and IBA members, get a 40% discount from the "all inclusive price".

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