IBA Announces Structural, Leadership Changes

Sep 09, 2007

John Veltheim and the IBA are pleased to announce the expansion of the number and roles of its vice presidents, as well as other leadership changes.

These decisions were made (and elections held) at the recent IBA Members Conference and Instructors Meetings. The Association also is proud to announce the formation of an Academic Committee, which will contain multiple subcommittees to manage the growing amount of research and standards required in its growing business.

Said IBA Executive Director Allan Vickers:

"First we are very grateful for the four years of stellar service from our Senior and Junior Vice Presidents, Ka’imi Pilipovich and Sylvia Muiznieks. In the new structure, these titles have been eliminated. Ka’imi and Sylvia now will be responsible for the Academic Committee – Sylvia as Vice President for Academic Studies and Ka’imi as Vice President for Academic Development. They will create various subcommittees to manage manual upgrades, instructor applications and specific research projects and articles. These subcommittees will be drawn from the instructor body, the general membership and, in some cases, the outside academic world. We are extremely happy that Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Thornton Streeter and Mark Abadi – our excellent guest speakers at the Conference – all have agreed to be a part of the Academic Committee in support of John’s deepening the scientific energy medicine research. Ka’imi, Sylvia and the subcommittee chairs will be working closely with the IBA office to increase both the quality and the quantity of IBA coursework and supporting material."

In other news, Katharina Hirsch was appointed by the IBA Board to serve as Vice President for Instructors and Todd and Angela Adkins were elected by conference attendees to serve as representatives of the general membership.

In addition, Vickers said, "we have created two new positions to oversee and represent the IBA’s other growing disciplines. Morag Bromfield has been named as Vice President for Access, and Kristy Kenny has been named as Vice President for Life Sciences" (BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall).

"Further, IBA co-founder Esther Veltheim has taken on a role as arbiter and facilitator for issues involving senior instructors, instructor trainees and selected other personnel situations in which her expertise can be brought to bear. In her new role, Esther will deal with issues referred to her by the vice presidents or the IBA management."

"We look forward to an exciting future with these leaders in their new roles," Vickers concluded.

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