BodyTalk Founder to Author Book on Access Wellness System

Nov 13, 2007

Dr. John Veltheim, founder of the BodyTalk System™ of healthcare and the International BodyTalk Association (IBA), has announced plans to release a book on BodyTalk Access in early 2008. The book will cover all aspects of the wellness system, he said, from the philosophy behind its creation to its hands-on application techniques.

“BodyTalk Access,” Dr. Veltheim said, “found its roots in BodyTalk, a well-established healthcare regimen that utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine in a safe and comprehensive manner. Like BodyTalk, he added, “Access uses touch to increase the levels of internal communication with the body, thereby stimulating the body’s own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance.”

The body, which naturally and innately heals day-to-day injuries and ailments, is capable of doing much more, according to Dr. Veltheim. “It’s just a matter of making sure all the body’s systems are working well – and together – to maintain good health and help address health challenges.”

The BodyTalk System itself, he explained, utilizes an elaborate protocol that requires intensive training. “However,” he continued, “the IBA recognized the critical need for a simplified version of the system to provide access to many of the key benefits of BodyTalk to as many people as possible.”

The result, he said, was BodyTalk Access, “which can be learned in a day and used for a lifetime.”

“It is our hope,” Dr. Veltheim said, “that BodyTalk Access will be able to provide a basic level of health maintenance to everyone, especially those in communities and countries where healthcare is either unavailable or unaffordable.”

“BodyTalk Access is a simple, non-invasive and effective form of healthcare,” he concluded. “It definitely can have a positive impact on lives everywhere.”

Dr. Veltheim’s book on the Access system will be available for sale through the IBA, at

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