Dr. Veltheim Speaks at New York City Event

Dec 14, 2007

On Friday, November 30, The BodyTalk Center in New York City sponsored “Balance Your Brain with BodyTalk,” a gala event with guest speaker John Veltheim.

Also speaking was Matthew Newell, director of The Family Hope Center, a renowned treatment center for children with neurological disorders, whose staff has been using BodyTalk with miraculous results on youngsters often given “hopeless” prognoses by conventional medicine. In addition, Karen Atkins, Director of the BodyTalk Center in NYC and host of the event, gave a brief background lecture on The BodyTalk System™.

The Allen Stevenson Auditorium on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where the event was held, was packed with both longtime fans of BodyTalk and curious newcomers.

Those in attendance heard the latest information from Dr. Veltheim’s research and Newell’s clinical experience on how BodyTalk affects the brain. Following the symposium, Dr. Veltheim said he was extremely gratified to hear and see that BodyTalk, in conjunction with state-of-the-art brain exercises, is making such a major difference in so many children’s lives.

To close the event, Karen Atkins taught the audience members how to balance their cortices, giving them a concrete means of applying the information they’d learned and a handy take-home technique for balancing their brains and improving their well-being. Most of the audience then stayed for a question-and-answer session and a demonstration after the main presentation.

Said Karen Atkins: “Everyone really appreciated having three different perspectives. There was a nice feeling of professionalism balanced with fun. We’ve already had so many people email and call to let us know how inspired they were and that they’ve been tapping out their cortices everyday!”

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