Actress Sets Stage for Career in BodyTalk

Jan 28, 2008

After 28 years in the bright lights of the entertainment business, Canadian actress Carolyn Dunn has moved back to her small Cape Breton hometown – and taken BodyTalk with her.

Now a BodyTalk practitioner, Dunn has established a home-based clinic and is reaching out to regional hospitals and looking for additional opportunities to create awareness for BodyTalk.

The actress, who starred in a number of television series and movies, as well as in commercials, said she knew within minutes of entering her first BodyTalk seminar that “this was it; this was what I was going to do. It just made sense.”

“I had always been into all kinds of modalities,” she explained, “and I got excited when I realized that BodyTalk incorporated so many things.” It also was important to her, she said, “that it had a professional association behind it.”

In addition, she explained, she had wanted to move nearer to her family “and bring something home.” That “something” turned out to be BodyTalk.

A recent article in the Nova Scotia Business Journal, she said, sparked an immediate interest in a community. A few years ago, she continued, residents likely would not have embraced integrative medicine. Today’s healthcare problems, she said, have changed that situation and opened minds.

Hospitals, she explained, are overburdened with patients, including “a lot of people who don’t even need to be there”– people who could find relief through other means. Dunn is devoted to “helping alleviate the pressure” with BodyTalk.

As an actress, Dunn said, “I couldn’t believe someone was paying me to do something I was so passionate about.” She feels the same way about BodyTalk, she said.

“It is,” she concluded, “a beautiful thing.”

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