BodyTalk South Africa Takes to the Airwaves

Feb 15, 2008

Debbie Zacharias, a member of the BodyTalk South Africa group, recently participated in the research, hosting and follow-up for three radio programs aimed at raising awareness of the ways in which the body communicates its wellness needs.

The three episodes of Layla Smith’s “Matters That Matter” show on Voice of the Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, were interactive, with discussions and listener call-in on the subjects of the role of water in the bodymind, stress and the role of the environment, and the demystifying of depression. All sessions, according to Zacharias, included the “contribution of the BodyTalk System in addressing these bodymind issues.”

The BodyTalk System is a wellness regimen that is based on state-of-the-art energy science, according to Dr. John Veltheim, the System’s developer and founder of the International BodyTalk Association, which is based in Sarasota, FL. He explained that BodyTalk and its other modalities, including a simplified version called Access and advanced work called PaRama, “draw on innate, natural energy fields to bring stability, wellness and balance to people, animals and the environment.”

Zacharias said three more shows are scheduled in the next month on the subjects of backache and musculoskeletal conditions, allergies and intolerance, and issues related to children.

One “gem of awareness” the PaRama BodyTalk practitioner and Access trainer took away from the first series of shows, she said, “is to ask ‘Why is this happening? What is the meaning of this situation in the context of my whole life and how best can I as the individual/family/friend respond to this?’ vs. focusing on the label, e.g. depression/stress.” This process, she continued, “allows one to respond/change the way one perceives the past, which in turn has a powerful impact on changing one’s present body chemistry, thus facilitating the process of becoming a master of one’s biology rather than a victim of one’s genes.”

Her resulting advice: “If anyone is ever given an opportunity to participate in something which initially feels way out of their comfort zone, ask yourself the above question, as the hidden benefits will probably exceed your fears and assist in your personal growth and development.”

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