BodyTalk in the Land of the Rising Sun

Apr 03, 2009

Hello everybody! Greetings from the country of cherry blossoms!

My name is Yoriko Ogura, CBI. I have just graduated as a TBAT and would like to let you know a little bit of what is going on in Japan. Almost immediately after I got certified as a CBP in August 2005, I started to think of bringing BodyTalk to Japan. Along with Miyuki Yamada, who became a CBP shortly after, we started BodyTalk Japan in July 2006 to materialize the work of building a BodyTalk matrix in Japan.

Ka'imi came to teach our memorable first class of Mod 1&2 in November 2006 with 16 students! By now, we have offered 9 Mod 1&2 classes (Kaimi taught 3 & I taught 6) to over 100 new students. We have 25 CBPs out of those students, and several more are ready to take the CBP exam. We offered our first advanced module, Module 4(7), last September with 35 students. It was a great class and we had a lot of fun! Kaimi was getting more and more fluent in Japanese and started to use Japanese in his demo sessions!! We are going to offer our second advanced module, Module 3, this May; and we also plan to offer his TCM this October. We are also very excited to offer AnimalTalk Access with Loesje at the end of May this year, and are planning to offer MindScape with Kris some time next year. Even John himself might be able to come next year!!!

I have taught almost 30 Access classes to a total of over 400 people in about year and half. It is very clear to me that Access is the key to the growth of the BodyTalk matrix. Access is a wonderful way to introduce BodyTalk to people and build the foundation. In order to further expand the BodyTalk matrix here, it is crucial to offer more and more Access classes. More Access graduates to feed into Mod 1&2, more Mod 1&2 graduates to feed into Advanced Module classes, etc! There are several CBPs who will be ready to be train as Access Trainers. My hope is that 4 or 5 new Access Trainers will start to teach Access classes this year in Japan. When that occurs, Access will spread out faster and wider in different parts of Japan. That will create more need to offer Mod 1&2 classes, and then, we can invite other wonderful CBIs to come to Japan to teach and share their wealth of knowledge and experiences. I can't wait to see that happen in a near future!! I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the many people who help and support me to be able to do this beautiful work of BodyTalk Matrix building in Japan.

Yoriko Ogura, CBP, CBI, TBAT, Osaka, Japan

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