Rio de Janeiro Learning Forum

Mar 20, 2009

Last month in Rio we hosted Brazil's first Learning Forum. This historic conference and the string of events that followed brought together hundreds of people including CBPs from all over the country, new BodyTalk enthusiasts, the presence of amazing Senior Instructors such as Founder Dr. John Veltheim, Dr. Janet Galipo, Dr. Nancy Werner, and Brazilian BAT Renata Pilnik, with a highly successful turnout and huge exposure for BodyTalk in Brazil.

The first event of the Rio Learning Forum was a special "Study Group" focused on having the country's most qualified CBPs present their carefully documented case studies on how BodyTalk was able to treat their patients with rare, difficult and serious illnesses and conditions. In Brazil, unlike the United States, medical practitioners are fortunate to immediately implement and integrate BodyTalk within their existing practice. The countless scenarios of jaw-dropping cases of people who were able to recover with BodyTalk was astounding! The event was a great way for practitioners to share their professional experiences and inspire each other on the importance of documenting further evidence on the infinite possibilities that BodyTalk "taps" into.

On the very next day, the Rio Learning Forum continued with "Free BodyTalk Lectures and Complimentary Sessions" and the unexpected attendance of over two hundred people! Introduction lectures were given by Senior BodyTalk Instructors, Dr. Janet Galipo and Dr. Nancy Werner and simultaneous BodyTalk sessions were offered by local CBPs throughout the whole day. The intention of this event was to promote the BodyTalk seminars occurring over the following two weekends.
The Forum was held in Rio's classy Hotel Novo Mundo during the following two weekends. The first class was the BodyTalk Access course taught and well received by the only Access Trainer in Brazil – Renata Pilnik from São Paulo. We were fortunate in having Senior CBI, Nancy Werner, fly over from Mexico to teach Modules 1 and 2. The Module 1 & 2 Advanced Practical and Module 3 courses were taught by our very own Senior CBI, Dr. Janet Galipo, who as you may know, is responsible for planting and nurturing the seed of BodyTalk in Brazil as well as putting forth this Forum. And last but certainly not least, Dr. John Veltheim launched his most recent developments in his course "From Tensegrity to Transegrity: The Science of Consciousness".

Another exceptional event which occurred each evening during the last weekend of the Forum was a BodyTalk Member's Meeting hosted by Dr. John Veltheim in which he discussed the progress regarding the future and vision of the IBA, IBF and the practical logistics behind properly strengthening the BodyTalk Matrix in Brazil. As a result, the first Brazilian BodyTalk Association was formed and to cultivate its existence, Dr. John gave the BodyTalk Brazil a beautiful group matrix session. Everyone was extremely grateful to have Dr. John Veltheim participate and witness the Rio Learning Forum. We would also like to give special thanks to all of the Brazilian CBPs, Instructors, translators, and local coordinators – Marta Ferreira and Rosane Ferreira, for all efforts and dedication in contributing to the realization and triumph of the Forum and overall expansion of BodyTalk in Brazil.

Reported by Maina Campos, CBP, Miami, Florida

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