IBA Australasian Member and Instructor Meeting

Dec 20, 2008

What an exciting month December has been for IBA Australasia! December started with the arrival of John and Esther, home to Australian shores. After a few days recovery we were scheduled to start our first ever IBA Members and Instructors Meeting in the region. Forty-four members along with John and Esther Veltheim gathered at Greenmount Beach Resort for 2 days of member meetings, December 7-8. Our goal for the meeting was to bring the IBA Australasian community together with the co-founders of BodyTalk to learn together, strengthen our matrix and have some fun with friends – new and old.

Member Meeting Attendees

Day one stated with a half day Active Memory workshop by Tracy Livingston. Tracy shared with us her knowledge of a structured and expanded step by step system for using the orientations box, to track down emotional issues quickly and easily. Tracy's workshop also included a process to discover and resolve sabotage issues around wealth, weight, success, career, relationships, health and winning – using BodyTalk Active Memory. After lunch we spent the afternoon with Esther Veltheim and her presentation on the 'Most Ignored Symptom"... Conflict. Together as a group we created lists of 'problems', 'issues' and 'conflicts' in our lives and Esther in her usual grace and style took us through our lists using BreakThrough philosophies.

Day Two started with Hilary Carlile, CBP from New Zealand who shared with us her vast experience of promoting BodyTalk. Hilary has over 20 year experience in the field of project management and now spends her time between her BodyTalk practice and project coordinating. Hilary was extremely instrumental in the success of the Auckland IBA Learning Forum in April 2008- Her coordinating efforts for this event were so successful that the weekend ran smoothly even though Hilary herself was in the UK at the time! Hilary took us through what is needed to effectively build a team to promote BodyTalk at a public expo or fair and shared with us her accomplishments and experiences of promoting BodyTalk. Hilary's presentation inspired many BodyTalkers to look at their marketing efforts for 2009 and by the end of her presentation- one group of Brisbane BodyTalker's had already built a 'BodyTalk in the Park" team, and I am sure many other teams with promotional efforts will pop up during the new year.

New Zealand Contingent

Leslie Gillett, CBP and Kym Haynes, CBP have both been working tremendously hard, volunteering their time and practice to a Queensland Drug and Rehab Centre. As a result this, the Drug and Rehab centre is conducting a 12 month pilot study into the effectiveness of the BodyTalk System in the recovery from hard drug and alcohol use. Leslie and Kym shared with us their experience in setting up this pilot study and the successes they have encountered on the way, and the wins and challenges they have faced in working with the drug culture and bureaucracies. Stay tuned for the results of the powerful study that began on October 1st, 2008. We then had some really great discussion time where members could bring up any issues or suggestion they had for IBA. John Veltheim also gave a run down on other IBA and BodyTalk projects that were occurring throughout the world. After lunch we all became Animals, and Loesje Jacob shared with the group her experiences of traveling throughout the world working with animals and learning from them.

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