Announcing the All-New Access Membership Program

Oct 24, 2008

We are very pleased to announce the all new Access Membership program, which will be launching in early November. This program is a new opportunity for the IBA to further its mission in growing BodyTalk Access around the world – providing stronger communications and new connectivity for Access Technicians. The Access Membership program will also create a new path for students to continue training in other BodyTalk programs.

Access Membership is open to those who have successfully completed Access training only and have not taken any additional IBA classes. They do not have to sit for exams or meet any requirements regarding further education.

We have a developed a full set of membership benefits that are specifically targeted to our new Access members including a dedicated Access Member's "Homepage" (or portal) on the IBA Website. This will be a repository of information and support information for Access Members. Access Members will also receive a weekly Access-focused email newsletter that will address the integration of Access techniques into everyday life and other health and wellness information. Access members will be able to purchase Access-related products at member's prices through the Access members section of the IBA website. Also, they will be able to monitor the Access forum on the members section of the IBA website and will have the ability to post on this section. Access members can attend any of the conferences and meetings of the International BodyTalk Association, but do not have voting rights in committee elections.

It is important to note that all Standard and Practicing Members will also be able to visit the Access Members homepage and will also receive the weekly Access newsletter, in addition to this weekly IBA newsletter. This Access Membership program will currently be available only to English speakers. As the program matures, we may be able to expand the program to other languages.

The price for Access Membership is $40.00 US per year. However, the IBA will be offering a special introductory price for anyone who has previously completed an Access class only for $30.00 US if they join by December 31, 2008. All new Access graduates who complete the program will be invited to join as Access Members for an introductory price of $30.00 US if they join within 30 days of successfully completing their training program. Should any Access Member later choose to become a Standard Member of the IBA, they will receive a credit equal to the pro-rated cost of their current year Access Membership fee.

New Access Members will receive a customized Membership package which includes an Access Membership certificate, Access bumper sticker, Access pen and Cortices Card.

The Access Membership level is an important step in supporting our mission of growing Access around the world. We will be initiating a series of communications and marketing activities to promote this program in the coming weeks.

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