BodyTalk UK Bi-Annual Conference

Oct 10, 2008

BodyTalk UK just held our bi annual BodyTalk Conference in Dorking, Surrey. The event was very well attended and we also had an amazing lineup of speakers. Julien Cahn, who spoke about setting up a business, certainly got some people thinking about how to be more confident in projecting yourself out there. Peter Cohen, who is a Television personality and helps people to be more motivated and also lose weight, enchanted us with his motivational skills. This was a great follow up to Julian's talk in getting that confidence going and alight.

Kris Attard gave a great overview of MindScape and how it works with BodyTalk. He delivered a fantastic Advanced Mindscape the next day. Mark Abadi, who spoke at the IBA conference last year, gave us an amazing lesson on energy and what surrounds us. We then had the pleasure of having Kaimi Pilipovich, who had just got back from Japan and talked to us about BodyTalk and his various case histories. We also had a contingent from Northern Ireland who traveled over early in the morning. This made the UK matrix more complete. This was also the first time that those on the committee of BTNUK met, as most of our work is done virtually or by phone.

At the conference we launched our new website We had a website designed a while ago, but we have evolved so much as a network that it needed to grow with us. We are also getting the press interested and this is being followed up as often as we can to make sure that BodyTalk will be something that people will recognize more in the UK.

The dynamics were amazing and the energy in the room was electric. The feedback has been worth all the hard work that was put in. Some have been given back the motivation to be more confident, some to change the way they work, some to even put up their prices for sessions... We all gained something from the day and that is what it is all about.

Linda Thursby, CBP

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