Access Reaches Thousands in South Africa

Aug 18, 2008

Cathy Hastie, of iSabelo Learning – an ex-teacher and visionary in this field, put together a program to assist grade 12 learners, final year of school in SA, from previously disadvantaged schools and backgrounds to do revision in maths and science before they start their prelim or pre final school leaving exams. This program consist sof 5 pre-recorded lessons which the learners view at local movie cinemas (Ster Kinekor -sponsors) on a Sunday morning over a 5 week period. During August 2008 the science is being revised and this is where the South African BodyTalk community took up the challenge of teaching the Cortices technique to the learners at 08h15 each Sunday before they commence their 1st session of revision. The Cortices technique is again taught during the intermission of 10 minutes between the 2 revision sessions, at 09h15. This program is pretty unique in that it reaches approximately 3700 Learners each week and so far CBP's have been able to teach Cortices to nearly 3000 of these learners, as we do not quite reach all venues around SA yet.

Cathy's motivation for putting this amazing initiative together is "At least I know that this programme is making a huge impact on the pass rates. Last year, 72% of the attendees improved their Maths and Science marks by at least 1 symbol – so it does work. That in itself is satisfying for me."

An incredible buzz exists in the Cinemas during the Cortices teaching as the largest venue holds 500 learners. Early feedback from the learners included feeling more relaxed, focusing better and completing a math exam during the week with more confidence.

Congratulations to those CBP's in the SA BodyTalk community who "stepped up" to the challenge as it was an incredible opportunity for the SA BodyTalk matrix and CBP's to be involved in a countrywide initiative and to reach so many learners in such a short space of time.

Kind regards, Debbie Zacharias, BAT

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