Singapore BodyTalk Trainings a Success

Sep 08, 2009

Advanced Senior BodyTalk Instructor Sylvia Muiznieks was invited to Singapore by Marcio Ribeiro of the Awakening Touch clinic to teach Modules 1 & 2 and a Module 3 class during the period from July 25th – August 2nd, 2009. Marcio Ribeiro and his assistant-coordinator Irene Khor are very happy with the results of the trainings which included the attendance by students from many countries, including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Spain, Singapore, and Thailand. The class participants were very happy with their experience as can be seen by the smiles in the Module 3 class photo.

This was Sylvia’s 4th trip to teach courses in Singapore over the past three years. The Singapore matrix has grown from one CBP and a small number of excited clients to a vibrant community of practitioners.

During the past week, 5 new Certified BodyTalk Practitioners were added to the Singapore matrix. This occurred between the two courses, when Sylvia conducted the basic certification exams for 5 students and supervised 1 student who wrote the two exams towards the Advanced CBP Certification. Sylvia was extremely pleased with the results where all 6 students passed their respective exams with flying colors.

Congratulations to these newly Certified BodyTalk Practitioners

• Susanna Rueegger Koechli

• Anita Kashyap

• Elsie Pang

• Karen Rosel

• Modesta Levy-Groth

Congratulations also to Irene Khor who passed both advanced CBP exams, and she is working towards joining Access Trainer and CBI Trainee Marcio Ribeiro soon as a second Advanced CBP in Singapore!

We are also pleased that Sylvia will be returning to Singapore in March 2010 to conduct Module 6, Module 9 and MindScape trainings. We’re going to keep building the matrix!

Submitted by Marcio Ribeiro and Irene Khor.

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