BodyTalk with Dad

Sep 08, 2009

Ever since I became a BodyTalk Practitioner, one of the first people I wanted to do a session on was my father, the hardest working man I know. In my very first session aspects of our relationship came up which helped me to let go of many false beliefs I have carried. We have a very close relationship but still, there were many memories and projections that I needed to unhinge. As I continued on my journey with BodyTalk I saw how our relationship opened up more and I knew how valuable it would be for him and for me to return the gift of a session to him. I would go home to Pennsylvania and work on my mom, sister or other friends but never on my dad; it just never felt like either of us were ready, but I knew the day would one day present itself.

The main reason I wanted to give him a session is because I see how hard he’s worked for his family. Because of the labor of his business, a ladder and scaffolding company, he not only wears the hat of owner but on more days than not he’s the delivery man, or on the receiving end of deliveries, unloading hundreds of pounds of inventory. Over the many years, the stress of the business has caused him to age more rapidly, contributing to intense joint pain, insomnia, and prostate cancer last year, for which he has successfully been treated. The joint pain, however, in the last year has become crippling. Diagnosed with minor menisci tears, he recently sat down to talk to me about his knees on my trip home for our family picnic. He was glad to have found out that he does not have to get surgery; instead they will give him injections of a material that simulates that of the menisci, supporting the knee joint. In that moment I reached for my dad’s hand and asked him if I could do a bit of BodyTalk and he warmly agreed, exhausted at the end of the day of family activity. I could feel how ready his body was to finally relax and let someone else support him. The first and only link to come up was giving his mind permission to relax linked to his knees. As I tapped him out I had enjoyed seeing my father surrender and let himself trust. He enjoyed it too and there were no more links.

I hadn’t thought much more about that day until he called a couple weeks later and gave me an update on how he was feeling. He had been back to the gym and said he hadn’t felt much pain since that day I was home for the picnic. I was so thrilled to hear how much better he felt. I said, “Dad, do you think it was the BodyTalk” and he said, “Yes, I think it may have had something to do with it”. It reminds me what a gift it is to be able to do this work and recognize that our bodies have an innate sense when to heal the layers of pain. Thanks, Dad.

Marti Wolfson, CBP, New York, NY

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