Healing with Nature

Dec 18, 2009

By Monique Fay

 "Opening The Book of Fay is like opening the gate to a garden I have never seen before but finding it strangely familiar. Spending time there allows me to see the landscape of my life in a different way." Claire Parent

 When John Veltheim asked me to participate in the Learning Forum next February in Dallas and teach a 2-day workshop based on the images in my book, The Book of Fay, I was thrilled to say the least. For me it was this invitation was true validation of what BodyTalk can do.


Until quite recently John knew for a fact - having worked on my brain on several occasions  - that although I had an amazing ability to bring in new information, he had seen how parts of my brain were not communicating with one another. This made it extremely hard for me to try and express my visions and insights in a cohesive manner.

 In August 2002 I saw an advertisement about BodyTalk in an acupuncture magazine. I knew instantly that I needed to study BodyTalk. It changed my life. I went to study PaRama BodyTalk and everything I had been struggling to achieve for so long began to fall into place. That was a turning point in my life.

Some of you reading this may be BodyTalk practitioners and some may not. You don't have to be a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner to benefit from this course, but if you are, there is a great advantage as you will be able to use the images as a powerful resource in your sessions. More importantly, whatever your background, this class has the potential of transforming your experience of yourself and life.

In my book, The Book of Fay, I have composed a series of photographs of nature. As you can see from this excerpted plate from my book, nature is portrayed in a very unique way. If you let your eyes focus gently, you will soon find that you are drawn to one specific aspect of the picture. The mind becomes quiet and your senses are heightened. Then, rather like Alice in Wonderland, you might find yourself being drawn in, as if through a portal. This gives you a tiny glimpse into the potential of working with The Book of Fay.

 In this 2-day interactive workshop we will use the powerful images from The Book of Fay as portals to access a deeper understanding of the mirroring aspects of nature within the self.  We will discover how to connect with the 5 basic elements in nature; earth, water, fire, air and space. In this way we will begin to  'internalize' their healing and transformative qualities. In essence, we will be reaching the 'invisible' through the 'visible'.

                                "In healing with nature we reach the invisible through the visible."

 Our focus will be on learning how to decipher the information we receive through the images. In this way, using nature as a portal into the psyche, we will be learning how to transform our experience of self and life in ways you have never before imagined.

"I love The Book of Fay and live with it. The images in Monique's book are assisting me in healing from a long term relationship and in finding more and more of myself. I do let the images find me. When I picked 'The veil of Wisdom' I was aware that I wasn't seeing clearly. I looked... and eventually I heard: The heart's role is to unify, embrace, accept, intuit- sense the truth of the moment, feel, forgive, rest and NOT know- surrendering to trusting.... The portal finally opened up." Gabi Barysh-Crosbie

 Working with the images in The Book of Fay is not just about seeing beautiful pictures. Our focus is going to be very different to the usual form of looking and seeing. Instead, we will be seeing into the images in a way that triggers all the other senses. Some people when working with the images experience feeling and smelling them.

 The images in The Book of Fay evoke a response from the deepest levels of the psyche. This visceral experience helps you to clarify whatever has been triggered at that deep level. Roberto Cortez, a young innovative chef who took my class, discovered while looking at 'The Key Holder', that he could actually tell me what the image tasted like.

"The Book of Fay provides personal insights through evocative imagery. This is an example of how I used the image of Rahu: Rahu leaps beyond the page to burn away the underbrush of old and make way for a fresh start, or for new beginnings. Only from the heat of fire can the seedlings emerge. See Rahu's third eye and know you already have the answers. His perky ears remind us to listen to our inner-selves and the world around us. Rahu, at first menacing in appearance, becomes comforting in his message." Christine Kelley-Buchanan

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