BodyTalk and High School Football

Jan 08, 2010

By Laura Mitchell, CBP, Malibu, CA, USA

When a High School Football Coach recognizes the value of BodyTalk, everyone's a winner!

 I've been visiting a local high school in Los Angeles recently to attend to football players' aches, pains, and injuries. The football coach has allowed me to work on the players so that I can begin to build a practice working with teams. The head coach allowed Lauren Brim and me to teach cortices and tell the team about BodyTalk.

 Visit Four - Thursday

I was amazed when a player texted me on his own to ask if I could please come to practice to help him with his knee injury. By the time I got there, two additional players had heard I'd be present and were there to greet me when I arrived.

 The Real Miracle

The real miracle came when I saw the offensive coordinator riding at breakneck speed across the football field towards me on his golf cart. I thought he might be angry that I had taken players away from the rest of the group. Coaches can be like that. I should know.

 Instead, this coach, who'd not seemed too interested in BodyTalk before, asked me if I could please immediately work on a star player who'd just gone down with a knee injury. They were now RELYING on BodyTalk and passing by the regular trainer on the field to get to the tapping girl!  


 They GET it! Ahhhh. I'm so in love with BodyTalk and the miracles I get to see every day. Thanks everyone for holding the matrix strong! I've been certified about a month and the support I've received from LA people, all of you, and my first teacher, Suryo, has been humbling. I have a whole new life and it's more wonderful than ever.


 One of the kids I worked on was limping across the field on Thursday with foot problems and intense pain. The next night he was able to suit up and had two interceptions - his best game ever. I can't wait until next week on the field.  

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