Tapping Away at School

Jul 09, 2010

By Submitted by Michaela Ellen Kain, CBP, BAT, Seewalchen/Attersee, Austria

This this autumn I started to teach in primary school for 8 hours a week after three years absence from teaching. I am really very happy to be back teaching for a few hours every week. In my absence from teaching, I became an Access Trainer and on our first day at school we did the Cortices in teams. Children like this funny thing, and each class begins with tapping out our cortices. They also love tapping out MY cortices and we have so much fun!

Last week we wrote poems, children worked very hard and concentrated well. Suddenly a girl called Silvia screamed "Oh my, my brain is totally stressed, now it is time to tap my cortices!" " She started tapping and all the other students started tapping simultaneously. It was such a nice scene to observe.–They did their cortices in the zone.– My heart was jumping with joy.

Sarah, a nine year old girl wrote a wonderful story about Cortices in airplanes illustrated with pictures drawn by herself.

Today I had the pleasure to teach in tandem one of my colleagues. During the
break she told me of her stress symptoms, every day after school she cries
because she is in a state of burnout. I told her about stress-releasing with
the Cortices technique. She asked me to show the technique to her and to all the pupils in her class. They were all very happy, they had fun and my
colleague was astonished about the significant results after tapping. She
will from now on tap everyday with her class.

I am looking forward to the new BodyTalk Access Book to be translated into German to present it to as many teachers as possible. It will be a great achievement to teach BodyTalk Access in schools.

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