"I'm proud to be a BodyTalker."

Jul 09, 2010

By Rose Caplette. 28 year old adult with Down Syndrome

Submitted by Jenna Caplette, CBP, Bozeman, MT, USA

When I brought BodyTalk Access home, my daughter Rose just got it. Within twenty four hours she'd started using Cortices and other techniques on herself. I never expected that. Rose is an adult with Down Syndrome. Now 28, Rose just took Module 3 with Katharina Hirsch. Here's what she has to say about her experience:

Doing BodyTalk is amazing. It's changed everything about me. My mom taught me about BodyTalk. She decided to be a practitioner and I'm happy for her. I'm excited to do it on my mom and she taught me cool things about it.

I'm proud of myself for doing Module 3. I like doing Pathological Consciousness. It's fun to see what it's linked to: the brain or the heart. It's fun to learn about all those details, going with the flow, just to see what's out there.

I also enjoy the five senses — it was like, wow! It felt amazing to think about about those, you need those! To hear better and see better, its moving.

I feel alive inside when I tap out. I breathe when I'm tapping, I get in to it because it's fun. Tapping the other person changes how they feel — sometimes they get really tired. I like watching their response. When I'm working, it just feels natural to be me. I notice that in my hands and in my heart. I listen in to everything in my body to know how this works, how everything relates.

To know when I'm done, I listen to my heart. My hands just stop and I know I'm done.

When I do BodyTalk, I feel like a better person. I just feel comfortable. It releases my stress, because I feel really stressed a lot, my whole life. It just feels awesome, then to be out there and help other people out there in their challenges from stress and painfulness.

One of these days, I'll be a practitioner. I don't want to be a full time practitioner though. Just part time.

BodyTalk feels more awake to me, almost like awakening. It connects me with my inner self. I just feel like a whole new person inside of me.

I'm going to frame my certificate, put it in my room so I can see it and so if anyone comes over, they can take a look at it and say, "Wow! I'm so proud of you. Good job. I'm excited."

Next, I want to know about the Chinese Clock, the Elements. I'm curious about metal, earth, fire and water.

All the people who teach the classes, they do a fantastic job of helping me to know about new stuff that I never got before. And the new friends I make, they're excellent to explore BodyTalk with. I'm proud to be a BodyTalker.

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