New BodyTalk Research presented at leading scientific conference, ISSSEEM.

Jul 23, 2010

By Dr. Don Ka'imi Pilipovich

Dr. Don Ka'imi Pilipovich, Vice President for Academic development at the IBA presented new BodyTalk research at the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), in June.

The theme of this year's conference was Evidence-Based Spirituality, and a specific sub-question was "How can prayer and psychic healing be taught more effectively and more widely?" Dr. Pilipovich presented research he produced in partnership with the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune, India. He sent BodyTalk sessions to subjects from a distance and they were scanned and had intake before and after. 100% of subjects showed positive results. This is the first time that scientific research about BodyTalk has been presented at the ISSSEM conference, the cutting edge conference for the scientific study of energy medicine.

There is ample evidence in the literature that prayer has a beneficial health effect, but the subject is not well-defined. Dr. Pilipovich's paper begins by defining that prayer and psychic healing is a type of intention based medicine. In other words, praying for someone is having a positive intention for their well-being. But very often having a positive intention is not enough to have consistent results.

"BodyTalk is also a form of intention based medicine, but instead of having a general intention, we follow a rigorous protocol to develop a specific balancing formula for each client. This is also a positive intent, but it is combined with specific directions to the client's innate wisdom about how it could function in more balance." Says Dr. Pilipovich.

To emphasize the fact that BodyTalk works solely by directing intention, the study was designed to measure the effects of distance BodyTalk sessions. Dr. Thornton Streeter from the Center from Biofield Sciences in Pune, India, arranged for subjects to be scanned with a PIPP machine, a GDV machine and a Thermal Imaging machine, before and after the sessions. These imaging devices measure heat and other electromagnetic emissions from the body and showed dramatic changes in our study. The subjects were divided into two groups, one group received sessions and the other group or control subjects were scanned but did not receive sessions. Dr. Pilipovich sent the test subjects in India, distance BodyTalk sessions from his clinic in Boulder, Colorado.

The results were dramatic. All test subjects showed much more significant changes in biofield readings than the control subjects. And all test subjects reported positive changes in health two days after the sessions. In comparison, only minimal changes or none were reported by the control subjects.

The paper was well-received and we feel that it well answered the question of how to teach healing more effectively and more widely: learn BodyTalk!

An abstract of the research paper and an audio download of the lecture given by Dr. Pilipovich at the conference is available at The full study will be available when completed.

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