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Aug 06, 2010

By an interview with Troy Montserrat-Gonzales by Suzanne LaGrande

You are a nurse, Acupuncturist and Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner.

How did you get started doing BodyTalk?



 I had been looking for a system that included the modalities I was already practicing, but more inclusive of all elements of life,  especially the spiritual dimension.  When I heard a recording John talking about BodyTalk, I kept saying "yes!, yes! yes!"  It so resonated with all that I knew and believed.  It felt so right.


Why is it helpful for a BodyTalk practitioner to know something about acupuncture and meridians?


Meridians are the pathways through which a certain type of energy circulates around the body to all body parts, organs, and endocrines.  There are 12 main meridians, and 2 main "extra" meridians. 

We are taught how to balance the pulses in Modules 1 and 2.   Each of the pulses are associated with a meridian, and each meridian is associated with an element, an organ system, and a range of other qualities, tissues and functions.  The elements and all the associations are presented in Modules 4(7), but we can begin by simply knowing where each of the meridians are. Once you are familiar with the location of the meridians,  that knowledge can be included by innate in the BodyTalk session. So, in this class, you will learn what the meridians are and where they are.



How do you incorporate both Acupuncture and BodyTalk into your practice?



Most of my clients receive both acupuncture and BodyTalk, though some receive only one or the other.  Of course, innate gets consulted to determine what modalities get used, but often the treatment is a combination of the two.  Usually, BodyTalk is first.  When someone comes in, they may often have multiple issues to be addressed.  Sometimes BodyTalk will address one of the issues, and acupuncture a different issue.  Sometimes BodyTalk will bring to light a particular emphasis that gets further addressed with the acupuncture.  Also, some people have insurance coverage for acupuncture, and so the entire treatment of both modalities may be covered, which is a plus for many.



What do you know now advanced practitioner, that you didn't know when you first started?



There is increasing awareness of the vast potential factors involved with any issue that may arise in phenomena, as well as the unlimited possible ways to address any issue.  I am constantly amazed at the creativity of innate!


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