A Pediatrician's View of BodyTalk

Aug 20, 2010

By Submitted by Peter Hanfileti, MD CBP, Par.BP, Holistic physician, Pediatrician, Vancouver, Washington, USA

As a practicing pediatrician and holistic physician, I have had the privilege of evaluating and treating many children and families over the years. BodyTalk continues to be one of the primary treatment modalities I use in my practice because it is effective, gentle, without dangerous side-effects, and because IT WORKS!

I have come to the realization that medicine is about communication and the ability (or inability) of the body's energy system to transfer information.

I have found this to be very clearly evident in the field of pediatrics. In the BodyTalk system we have the concept of the family matrix. This has importance from an energetic and consciousness based perspective for all members of the family, including parents, children, siblings, pets, etc.
BodyTalk provides a method or a means to elucidate the primary factors contributing to a child's current state of function on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of being.

I use the family matrix concept during many BodyTalk sessions in my practice to enable the information transfer required for the child's energy system to rebalance as well as for the coordination, functioning, and understanding of all of the family members affected by or contributing to the imbalances.

The beauty of the BodyTalk system is that it continues to evolve and grow, providing multiples avenues of communication for a child's system to learn and respond. What I mean is this: it does not matter if you are a beginner, an advanced practitioner, a specialist with a medical degree, or an interested parent – if you use BodyTalk for your child, the information will find its way into your child's consciousness and start to make positive changes.

I have witnessed many examples of these changes in the course of my career in pediatrics, and I must say that it is very gratifying to have a system which works so well and fast in kids. I believe we have a tremendous opportunity to influence, improve and accelerate the learning and rebalancing required for the next generation to grow and develop in amazing and meaningful ways.

The process of BodyTalk, that is, the asking of innate and the intention to get in synchrony with the underlying system of intelligence at work in the child's system, is important to demonstrate to the child themselves. In other words, the practitioner's focused attention, the gentle tapping on the head and chest, the holding of quiet space and the willingness to spend the time required for the child's system to respond; these are all opportunities for the child to really get that the practitioner or parent is offering help in a most unique and powerful way. This kind of interaction is hard to come by in our modern medical environment and I believe it is crucial for children and young people to have this kind of experience before they are thrown into the stress-filled world of adulthood.

If you are a BodyTalk practitioner reading this, I invite you to look for a course I will soon be offering called "Pediatrics for BodyTalkers". It will help you better understand the unique needs of children and parents and the practical applications of the BodyTalk system so that you will feel more comfortable and confident using BodyTalk for kids of all age groups, including infants.

If you are a parent, I encourage you to locate a certified BodyTalk practitioner near you and receive treatments for yourself or your child so you can experience the benefits directly. Additionally I highly recommend taking the BodyTalk Access class so that you can use important balancing protocols to help your child (and other family members) on a regular and as-needed basis.

To gain immediate access to more practical tips and useful information about BodyTalk for kids and parents, go to: http://bodytalk.principlesforparents.com/community

Thank you,

Peter Hanfileti, MD
CBP, Par.BP, Holistic physician, Pediatrician

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